10 SEO Secrets to Dominate Google First Page

In this article, we’ll tell you “10 SEO Secrets to Dominate Google First Page”. Forget about those rumors which say that optimization of your webpage is a difficult thing to accomplish. As a matter of fact, there is no secret of any sort that could jump your rankings above on the search engine. To be honest, what you are looking for is the ‘next’ thing in traffic generation. So, if you want to drive organic traffic continually and improve your ranking on Google, there is one thing that must be kept in mind- “FOCUS ON PEOPLE”. These so-called ‘secrets’ are secrets in the sense that these are not exposed that wildly in the world wide web and that Google might not be ready to share them with you. Having said that, let’s have a look at those 10 SEO secrets (strategies) that can help you rank and drive organic traffic easily, the results expected to be witnessed within 30 days.

1. Pick an Idea and Run with it

In this era of specialization, one needs to examine himself/herself and find out what he/she is best at to achieve maximum efficiency. The same goes for writing articles. If one is planning to write about the Top 50 ways to gain good marks in Economics, one must rather focus on only 1 of them and write extensively on it, leaving the other 99 ways out. This gives a clear idea about that particular way through explanation of its application and gives a chance to analyze the topic.

2. Answer that ‘one’ question
People often ask too many questions about topics but you don’t need to answer them all. Just find the most frequently asked question (FAQ) and give the answer to it. By answering such a common question like “What is SEO?”, one can easily outclass its competitors in the market because most competitors are after the latest trend while Google picks these types of question more often.

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3. Start your introduction with the target keyword
It is very important to start your introduction with the relevant keyword to enrich it. Just look at my article. I started with the primary keyword which signified what the article is all about. The purpose of it is to educate Google spider and appear relevant.

4. Avoid Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes
Grammar and Spelling errors can easily discourage readers from coming back to your blog/site. Therefore, it is very important to have a check before publishing your article. It is very important to encourage repeat visitors which Google monitors. That is why sites such as CNN, having millions of repeat visitors, are so successful.

5. Less is ALWAYS Better
By this, I mean writing everything at once is not advisable. Rather, one must break the components of the article and drip-feed the various parts accordingly. If user experience is enhanced, your ranking on Google is enhanced. This is because Google is very concerned about its search users.

6. Attract Links, Don’t Chase them
Dominating the first page of Google is really difficult. This is because some people run after links rather than attracting them. A writer must never think about link exchanges, rather, he/she must just write extraordinary content, and a sensible, helpful and an evergreen article. These are enough to attract natural and quality links to your blog/website.

7. Optimize images with your key term
This is really important as Google has its sensational image search engine as well that can be set as a target to help climb your ranking on Google. The easy route to optimize your images properly with your key term is by adding to your image, the same keyword you’re targeting on the headline.

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8. Write a 1000+ article rather than a 500 one
I do believe that quality is important, not quantity. But if you want your article to appear trustworthy, reliable, and valuable, the length has to be increased to somewhat between 700-1000 words. That doesn’t mean that you start copy/pasting and forego the factor of plagiarism!

9. Utilize Google+ as a professional
Social Media Marketing may enhance your blog on higher levels of reliability and popularity. Because Google+ is of Google, try to educate others through your quality content and optimize with the right key term. Through this, Google spider can deliver your article to targeted search users.

10. Find, Target and Shoot
Just find your relevant readers first to make them praise you, then target them with your quality content. Having done that, just wait till it gets on the web and becomes popular among some readers. Then progress and shoot, that is, build a relationship with them via e-mails, feedback that would ensure the factor of ‘repeat visitors’.

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