I live in London, UK & travel as much as I can, which is not nearly enough.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1943 I lived on four continents before I was ten years old.

My father was a war correspondent & writer, killed in Korea when I was seven.

My mother was a farmer’s daughter from what was then the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. They were expelled by the Benes government in 1947 & became DPs (displaced persons).

I travelled over land to India in 1965 & stayed in India until 1970.

From 1970-1975 I worked marine geophysical surveying all over Australasia, based in Singapore.

I was busted for grass in Singapore in 1975 & deported.

Since then I have been an addict, a studio sound engineer & a data acquisition consultant. I still go to NA meetings.

in 1998 I started my ‘bedroom ISP’ micronicos ltd & ran it for seven years.

sold in 2006 I retired and after some bad years founded the flower raj website.

I’ve been married & divorced twice.

I have two wonderful offspring who can be very annoying but always look out for me.

at the time of writing I am in south goa in a beach shack, hoping that there will not be another power cut!