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This site is a documentation & archive project that seeks to generate & preserve written, pictorial & oral histories of some seekers, travellers & escapers, who set out from the West, in the 1950s, 1960s & 1970s, to travel to India.

We also seek to record Indian escapists, seekers & travellers who interacted with & influenced the Westerners, and in turn were influenced by them. Additionally – ‘Indian’ in this context includes different ethnic, cultural & spiritual groups who largely reside in India, an example being the Tibetan Buddhist diaspora.

Some still travel; some have never returned; some simply vanished; some died.

Others live; before they all pass away we need to record their sometimes ground-breaking achievements, their sometimes hilarious situations, their lives, their loves, their highs & their lows.


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Administrator:  Nico Morrison

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