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Audio interviews with travellers. Interviews oral history project to interview as many persons as possible, mainly via Skype internet telephony but also via paid telephone landlines. We also make audio-visual recordings of interviews using Skype video calling.

Mushtaq Ali Khan - early recordings. Mushtaq Ali Khan early recordings by the sitar maestro Mushtaq Ali Khan (Steven Landsberg collection).

The Frankie Boy TapeThe Frankie Boy Tape with Franny & Freddie, Goa & Bombay 1974.

The Flower Raj Music Sampler. Music Sampler for The Flower Raj, original audio recordings, regularly updated.

Tony Jackson - The Final Cut. Tony Jackson - The Final Cut thirteen tracks of original music recordings by the late Tony Jackson.

Music Manali, Vashisht & Palampur - 1988. Manali, Vashisht & Palampur - 1988. music from the Bauls of Bengal & others at the wedding of Bhaskar & Rohini.

We enjoy publishing original music & there have been many creative musicians, aspirant as well as accomplished, who travelled to India & fell in love with Indian music.

To see & listen to how this might have come about, watch the great series of three video interviews with Tabla Paul Leake & (Sarod) Kailash Ray (Chaz Rooks).

Interview I of III  Tabla Paulís account of how he became a student of North Indian Classical music, who his teachers were and where he studied (19:24).

Interview II of III  In this second interview Kailash Ray talks about how he came to the sarod, a lifetime love affair (9:51).

remote-blunt Interview III of III  In this third interview Paul deals with questions about music & women; later Kailash Ray remembers the great musicians who inspired and influenced both him & Paul, the ones who have now passed beyond (21:04).


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