The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. Music Sampler for The Flower Raj
music for escapers, travellers & seekers in the land of the Gods - India revisited


Music from Michael Bocian & Tabla Paul Leake, Tony Jackson, Tagore by way of Shaoni Mukherjee & Jose Large, and Nico Morrison. Thanks to all our musicians, producers, artists & engineers.

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Michael Bocian & Tabla Paul Leake Youtube (audio with visual imagery) presentation.

Paul Leake & Kailash Ray Interview Series (three video interviews by Arthur Mandelbaum, where they talk about their life-long love affairs with classical North Indian music & the Indian teachers & musicians who inspired them).

The Artist - a poem in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore, was translated by Shaoni Mukherjee as part of her (printed) book "Song Poem"; it was read by Jose Large & set to music by Martin. More soon from the same crew!

Nico Morrison wrote: "My flute raag was recorded in a tiny cubicle studio at Hansa Records, Berkely Square, London in 1982 & has been on a cassette master ever since; that is why you can hear print-through & pre-echo, although I think that adds to its ambiance. I played the drone on a Wurlitzer electric piano & overdubbed the flute".

Encyclopaedia Page & Photo Album for Tony Jackson, may he rest in peace. wideeyed


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