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Did you know that 80% of businesses do not have blogs of their own? According to recent research results on the matter unveiled that only 20% of the online businesses do have blogs. Even more surprisingly, only two thirds of the 20% keep their existing blogs updated! That is roughly only 12 out of 100 online businesses.

When it comes to content marketing, blogging presents a wonderful opportunity for direct interaction with their current clientele but more importantly with new or potential customers. After all setting up a blog is quite simple. Therefore, any business can start one at their own convenience and begin publishing posts to complement the products and services on offer.

Over the years businesses have come to understand the importance of running blogs. However, despite this, most of them do not even own one. So, what exactly could be the reasons behind this trend?

Some of them are listed here:

Most business owners are not aware of the many advantages of having a corporate blog
Most business owners conceive corporate blogs as an unneeded operating expense
Most business owners think that operating a corporate blog is an unnecessary and time consuming operation
There aren’t many reliable content managers for corporate blogs
Creating the right content for a corporate blog needs lots of patience, planning, time, experience, and most importantly proven knowhow of the matter covered.

I personally come across all of the above concerns whenever I deal for the first time with clients in my effort to convince them that a blog is a prerequisite when pursuing web success. My most convincing argument for my doubtful clients is that “If web giants as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal, etc, are blogging then most propably you should also consider it!”

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You should always keep in mind that an effectively run blog presents massive opportunities for any business. To be able to succeed at this, as a business you need to find a balance between running your business and maintaining a business blog. Learn how to come up with good content or even better find the right people that will help you with building an effective blog.

If you decide to do this, be serious at it. Try creating at least two to three posts per week. If this is maintained for a whole year, you should have at least 104 or even better 156 posts on your corporate blog. Achieving such amounts of posts could allow for your business an effective content marketing that if planned and marketed appropriately via the different social media channels, it should be able to attract more traffic to your website. The importance of this kind of traffic is that it is one of the most targeted that you can get for your web business.

Additionally search engines such as Google really appreciate the value of good content especially if it is so important that people tend to search for it. Most probably if you integrate in your corporate website a blog that is regularly updated with exceptional content, then your chances of receiving better rankings in Google’s search results, appear to be even more vibrant.

Additional benefits of regularly updating your business blog are:

Will help you build trust in your brand
Keep customers hooked to your business
Is a help tool for your customers
Gives your customers an opportunity to interact directly with you by leaving comments
It improves your business SEO visibility
Highlights your expertise in the field
Allows your business to easily share its content
Allows customers to know the benefits of your products. This can be done by using instructional videos, guidelines or even success stories.
Engages your customers

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As a business you can measure the engagement of your blog posts by using Google Analytics or other available tools. After collecting and measuring the results you can adjust your topics accordingly to suit your website. When done properly, it will only be a matter of time before you can have a huge audience attuned to your brand.

Personal blogging has already taken root and it is only a matter of time before business blogging follows through. It only takes dedication and expertise. If you are not able to start and maintain a live and vibrant blog for your business, you can contact us and we can offer you our valuable services.

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