Create Information Products in 3 Easy Steps From Scratch

In the article I’m going to explain how to create information products. I’m going to share with you strategies that you can use to create information products yourself and how to get other people to do it for you.

If you really want to build business online that lasts and that makes money then info business is your best option.

What Are Info Products and Why Should You Create Information Products

Probably the best definition of info products is this: information products are products that contained organised information that helps other people to achieve their dreams, aspirations faster, easier and cheaper.

Many people say that information is power. But as Napoleon Hill once said, information that is NOT organised and directed towards some specific goal is not power at all. Instead, it only represents potential power.

The reason why you should create information products is because info products:

are easy to create, you can create full blown info products from your desktop. We live in the age of desktop publishing. All tools necessary to create quality info products can be acquired for very low cost, even for FREE.
have very high perceived value and can be sold anywhere between $10 to £10,000 or even more.
are cheap to crate, handle, ship and can be delivered electronically, meaning that there is no delivery cost and you can keep 100% profit from every single sale you make.
are great for creating wide sales funnel allowing you to make more money then you’ve been dreaming about
can be created and delivered in many forms. There are 2 types of delivery. You can either create information products that will be delivered exclusively electronically online, or as standard products shipped to customer’s door. It’s up to you which option you will chose. Information products can have many forms: ebooks, DVDs, CDs, audio programs, information subscription sites, coaching, and even seminars and other types of live events can be thought of as type of info products.

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What really separates creating information products from other type of business models is the profit potential. Information products allow you to keep 100% profit from every sale you make (if you use online delivery method). Barriers to the entry are very low. It absolutely doesn’t matter if you’re huge corporation or newbie working from spare room, as long as you deliver quality, customer couldn’t care less.

Is it Still Profitable Idea to Create Information Products and if So, Where is The Evidence?

Guess which is the number one website in the world. Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s Can you think why Google is so popular? It’s because Google provides INFORMATION. People turn to the Internet not to buy stuff but to search for information that will help them to solve their problems and fulfil their needs. is an article directory. This site is ranked number 243 (at the time of writing) from all sites on the Internet. So as you can see there is more then enough evidence to prove that it’s very profitable idea to create information products.

Here are 3 Steps to Create Information Products People Want to Buy

If you want to create information products that will make you tons of money then you have to base them around subject for which there is high demand. So you have to start with…

Step 1: Research

try to come up with several ideas first. You have to have a starting point. Look at your skills and hobbies. Make a list of all possible ideas. Once you’re done use free tool from Google to see whether there is demand for your ideas.

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For example, let’s say that you have some experience in sales. You could create sales training. But is there demand for this? We’ll surely find out.

When you enter your idea into the box and hit search you’ll be presented with data related to that keyword plus some additional ideas (image bellow).

As you can see, there is high demand for sales training. Approximately 201,000 people search for that keyword every month. Do this kind of research for all your ideas. When you’re ready move to the next step.

Step 2: Before You Create Information Products, Think How Create a Sales Funnel That Will Maximise Your Earnings

You should create a sales funnel that contains information products at different price levels. For example, use ebook, that you sell for let’s say £30 as your low-level entry products. It’s much easier to get people to buy lower priced item first. And this is especially true if they don’t know you who you are and don’t trust you yet.

Next product in your funnel can be video training delivered online which you could sell for around £80 on subscription basis, meaning that every single month you’ll receive £80 from your subscribers. This is powerful money-making model. Use this products as your middle-level product.

Another product you could create is coaching program which you could sell for around £400+. Use this as your top-level product. It’s totally up to you to decide how wide your sales funnel should be.

If you think this is cool, then wait! You can make still more money by simply diversifying into different niches. You can use the same training material by modify it for different types of audience. You could provide sales training to estate agents, to all kinds of other industries.

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Step 3: Develop Marketing Plan

Just to create information products is NOT enough. You have to let people know about your products otherwise you’re not going to make any money. First thing you should do is to crate website. Once again, having sexy website is not enough. You need to let your target market know about it. The way to do this is by using traffic generation strategies.

How to Get Other People To Create Information Products For You

Truth is that in order to make money online you don’t even have to be any expert. The key to success is marketing knowledge. If you know how to find out what is it that people want then you can make as much money as you want. There are sites where you can post job description and other people will create information products for you. Example of such sites is

This strategy is mostly used to create ebooks, audio and video programs. All you have to do is to interview expert in the field that you want to target. You need to record the conversation that you’ll later transcribe into the ebook form.

There you have it. I hope this article will help you to create information products that will allow you to make as much money as you wish. For more FREE kick-ass training enter your email address bellow.

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