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If you are into blogging, then chances are that you’ve heard of the Blog Success Affiliate Program . But what’s all the hype about.

Well, let me just say that blogging for profit is not something that you can start today and be making MAD CASH tomorrow. There are many aspects to getting your blog to become profitable. However, it is very possible to make money from home blogging. And if there is anyone that can teach you how, then Jack Humphrey is the top man that can teach you how to make blog profits.

I learned almost everything I know about blogging from Jack Humphrey. I stalk him like an eagle stalks it’s prey and Jack welcomes it. That’s the one thing I really like about him. He almost insists that his students use the exact methods that he spends thousands of dollars on for free.

Make Money From Home Blogging will provide you with the basics steps like; how to build your blog using wordpress, how to change a header, how to find keywords, how to come up with a topic for your blog, etc..

Once you learn the basics, you may want to begin looking for an affiliate program to promote on your blog. IMHO, the blog success affiliate program is one of the best. I say that you learn the basics because Jack Humphrey’s program is not for the faint-hearted. This program is a Top-Notch-Professional-Blog-Training-Program. Hence, all the hype. What that means is, you have to be willing to invest the time and money or you’ll just be wasting your time.

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Blog Success claims to be a program for beginners. I beg to differ. I was a member for over a year before I grasped all the information that was provided in this program. But I figured it all out. I had to get off my duff, stop absorbing the information and take the action required to begin seeing any kind of return on investment.

Guess who gave me the shove that I needed? You guessed it! Jack Humphrey himself. Thanks Jack!

Jack Humphrey recently conducted a case study interview with Rusty Moore. Rusty is one of Jack’s members and needless to say he has taken the ball and hasn’t stopped running with it.

Rusty Moore has been with Jack since May 2007. His site, FitnessBlackBook, gets around 3000 unique visitors per day. Just one of his pages makes him over $300 per month. Other pages and posts more or less than that.Rusty is one of Jack’s members and needless to say he has taken the ball and hasn’t stopped running with it.

Here’s a short interview with Jack and Rusty that outlines how he is doing with his blog, what has made the difference for him in building the blog, and his plans for future growth. This audio is must-hear interview for you, if you want to generate free traffic using a blog. Click below to listen to Rusty’s interview before you jump into the Blog Success Affiliate Program.

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