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These audio/video items have been added in roughly date order, with the more recent at the top of the page.
(and this list is maintained by hand, thus its quirky 'pre Web2.0' look)

Friends of Orchha. Ganj children perform an ancient Indian fable.

Video - Tiger, Brahmin & Jackal - a play in Orchha. Ganj children perform an ancient Indian fable.

Audio interviews; a Flower Raj oral history project.
oral history interviews is an ongoing project to record the experiences, thoughts & feelings of travellers young & old; since our travellers live all over the world, most of these can not be done face to face; we use Skype internet telephony with a recorder; we also record video interviews when possible.

If you would like to be interviewed or to become an interviewer, please contact us.

Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan Video - Raga Bhairavi (alap & gat). Only extant video of the maestro.

Mushtaq Ali Khan Audio
- rare early recordings of the sitar maestro.

Ragascape I - The Tambura first of four articles by Steve Landsberg.

remote-blunt Robert Beer – Outsider In.  Vashisht Village, the time difference made it two in the morning, sitting in the night in the silent Kulu Valley, small wood-lined room in Claudia's village house, so quiet- I recorded this amazing, moving broadcast talk streamed from Resonance 104.4 FM in London. October Gallery Exhibition (finished) Robert Beer - Visons of the Divine.
Go also to Robert's web site TibetanArt.Com, especially his extraordinary blog.

Success at Jogini Falls
. Villagers of Vashisht are happy & relieved today (1st May 2012). The Himachal Pradesh Government made the decision at Cabinet Level to cancel entirely the proposed 1MW hydro project at sacred Jogini Falls.
Jogini Falls - Beauty & Desecration   hydro project video documentation 12 April 2012.

The Flower Raj wiki (encyclopaedia) page documenting Jogini Falls.

Ganj & Orchha Madhya Pradesh story March 2012.  In London before leaving for six months in India I was searching for a place to stay in Orchha, my intended first stop of a pilgrimage round the cultural & spiritual centres of Madhya Pradesh....

Eating Air in India Video - Robin Brown.  The Flower Raj presents a video of Robin Brown, a pilot episode for a proposed series based on his book. Robin has lived in India for decades since the 1960s & has both travelled widely & read wisely about India (24:02)

Remembering Bhaskar Bhattacharya .  Margo Sagov video interview: (oral history 33:25, 30/09/2011, Hampstead, London UK). Memories of Bhaskar Bhattacharya.

Tsurphu Norbu Drabje.  This six minute video by Terris Temple shows the making of the appliqué in Llasa & its' place at Tsurphu monastery. This is the first of several videos set in Tibet.

The Frankie Boy Tape.  This tape was the result of songs performed around the campfires and at the parties in Anjuna Beach, Goa, India during the 1973/74 New Year/Full Moon season. Franny Wilson & Freddie Dabby recorded 14 tracks of these songs at S L Recording Studio, Bombay, 1974. An authentic original set.

Jogini Falls Anti-Hydro Demonstration  video footage (length 33:50) shot with the demonstrators from their assembly in Vashisht Village, to their arrival at Manali Police station & later when they reached the Jogini Falls, had darshan ate a meal & retired home. A wonderful, moving day.

The Punjab Road Runners Video.  "In 1993 a trio of Bradford taxi drivers, Fazal, Patrick, and Azad, decide to buy three used Transit vans in Britain and drive them overland all the way to northern Pakistan. Their plan is to sell the vehicles on arrival at a nice profit, and then to celebrate the Eid muslim festival with their extended families. A quirky and often comical film, the “Punjab Road Runners”, charts their stumbling passage through western Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia (50 minutes)."

Paul Leake & Kailash Ray - Interview III of III.  In this third & final interview Paul deals with questions about music & women; later Kailash Ray remembers the great musicians who inspired and influenced both him & Paul, the ones who have now passed beyond. Part III of III is up (13th October 2011) & is also on The Flower Raj Blog.

Paul Leake & Kailash Ray - Interview II of III.  Kailash Ray’s story of how he came to the sarod (a lifetime love affair), who his teachers were and where he studied. Part II of III is up (6th October 2011) & is also on The Flower Raj Blog. Part III to follow.

Music & audio Manali, Vashisht, Palampur 1988.  Music & Audio from the wedding party of Bhaskar & Rohini Bhattacharyya 1988. More to come of these rare live recordings, (thank you Margo Sagov for these).

Delhi, sleepless prayer (Delhi, plegaria insome).  “Delhi, plegaria insomne” means “Delhi, sleepless prayer”. three original video poems in Delhi settings (one in Spanish & two in Hindi with Spanish subtitles), enjoy!

With poem translations also at The Flower Raj Blog Delhi, plegaria insome.

The Flower Raj - Music sampler.   A sampler playlist of five original music tracks. Two tracks of Paul Leake (tabla) with Michael Bocian (guitar), edited & produced by Michael Bocian. One track a Rabindranath Tagore poem - credit Shaoni Mukherjee (translating from the Bengali in her book "Poem Song"), Jose Large (poem vocals) & Martin (music production). One flute track by Nico Morrison. And finally one song, "You Gotta Go..." by the late Tony Jackson on vocals & honky-tonkish piano.

Paul Leake & Kailash Ray - Interview I of III.  The story of how Paul fell in love with North Indian music in the 1960s & about the performers & teachers who inspired him. Part I of III is up (26th Sept 2011) & is also on The Flower Raj Blog. Parts II and III to follow.

Calangute Beach - January 2010.  A short (94 second) video clip showing Calangute Beach, Goa on the afternoon of 9th January 2010. It was packed & teeming & had a happy feel to it. I estimate maybe 30,000 Indian tourists on Calangute & Baga beaches. If anyone has a video (more likely 8mm film clip) of Calangute/Baga/Anjuna in the 1960s or 1970s, please get in touch with us.

Tabla Paul Leake with Michael Bocian.  Material from Tabla Paul Leake, the first two pieces are music improvisations recorded with Michael Bocian, "INDIA". Tabla Paul, as his nick-name implies, has been a committed student of the tablas for many decades & has studied with some of the great master of the mid-twentieth century. Interviews with Paul, talking about music & his life, are going up on the BLOG.

Maitreya Festival  Buddhist Festival (8/16/09) held at the Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center, Labsum Shedrup Ling, in Washington New Jersey, the center founded by Geshe Wangyal. (material courtesy Arthur Mandelbaum).

Marilyn Stablein writer, poet, performance artist & collager; intrepid traveller & teller of tales. This touching & very funny interview illuminates what it was like to be a impoverished Buddhist seeker in India in the 1960s.

Alastair & Hedda Morrison The Powerhouse Museum video in flash format (.flv) & also links to obituaries & memorials for that fine man & his wonderfully talented wife. Alastair & Hedda met in Peking, as it then was, before World War II and their extraordinary lives are worth taking a good look at. They can be considered precursors in good standing of the later travellers in Asia.

Morrison Family Grave February 2011 visit to the family grave in Sidmouth, UK. A personal video.

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