The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. The Morrison Family Grave - Sidmouth 2011
the morrison family grave in sidmouth holds three generations


In 1920 George Ernest Morrison came down with his young family to Sidmouth, by the sea in Devon, hoping that the benevolent climate & sea air would help him recover his health. Sadly he died & his wife Jenny Wark Robin Morrison paid the sum of four guineas for this magnificently situated triple plot (R34, R36 & R38). When she died in 1922 she was buried alongside her beloved deceased husband.

Temple Street Cemetery, Temple Street, Sidmouth, Devon.

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In July 2011 the two remembrance plaques for Hedda & Alastair Morrison were completed & affixed to the third side of the grave.

To know more about Hedda & Alastair Morrison & their extraordinary lives, see this Memorial & Remembrance page.


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