The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. Eating Air in India Video - Robin Brown.
a pilot episode for a proposed series based on his book.

"The book Eating Air in India is an eclectic compendium of genuine insiders’ knowledge. It has travel, history, spirituality, lust, motorbikes, religion, philosophy, dope, hippy anecdotes, literary references and humour aplenty."

The Flower Raj presents a video of Robin Brown, a pilot episode for a proposed series based on his book. Robin has lived in India for decades since the 1960s & has both travelled widely & read wisely about India.

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Mike Russell-Hills filmed & edited.

nota bene: as an introductory 'pitch' pilot video, this only gives a taste of Robin, in person he talks most engagingly about people, places & subjects dear to him and of which most travellers will not even have heard of. The Flower Raj will be interviewing Robin and publishing the dialogues as audio/video podcasts on The Flower Raj Blog.


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