The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. Music & Audio - Himachal Pradesh, 1988
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The wedding took place over several weeks & locations in Himachal Pradesh; the wedding party had musicians from East (Bauls of Bengal) & West. Margo Sagov recorded several hours of live music on her Walkman professional. Music history.

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"The Baul musicians are, Debuda (Debu); Kanaida - the blind singer & Debu's best friend; Debu's son Gautam; Kartik aged then about 11 (who previously was rescued by Bhaskar and Helen after a severe flood and subsequently adopted by the Bauls) & Dinuda - a farmer from Birbhum who died about 10 years ago" (Margo Sagov 2011).

Deepak sings Tagore, recorded 18/04/1988 (Deepak was a scholar of Tagore).

The Vashisht Mela (village spring festival) track was recorded in the village temple square, the social & religious centre of the village; three temples surround it, Vashisht Rishi mandir, Ram mandir & the Shiva temple which was recently built when the villagers were rebuilding the Ram temple & found an ancient Shiva lingam under the earth. So they decided it had been a Shiva temple hundreds or thousands of years earlier & rebuilt it. (Nico M 2011).

"Vashisht Mela recorded 18/04/1988 - I think this was the evening before the wedding party departed for Palampur." (Margo Sagov 2011)

"Bhaskar & Rohini's Wedding Party - this also includes a long Baul session, so its a very big file, all recorded on 19.04.88 at The Palace Motel, Tarapet near Palampur. Various: Rajastani Shehnai & drums; Rohini's female Kashmiri relatives; Bauls; The Mighty Tigers military wedding band; more Bauls." (Margo Sagov 2011).

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