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The Flower Raj aims to host an audio archive of people's stories, memories, reminiscences; how they started travelling & why; where they went & how they encountered the people of asia & indeed, the world; here is a beginning to the archive; we are interested in hosting your story also, so please contact us:

Marilyn Stablein marilyn stablein interviewed by doug grunther (station WDST 100.1fm woodstock, ny 2003). "in the heyday of the sixties, during a seven-year stay in the himalayas, marilyn stablein teaches herself how to not only cook a curry on a cow dung patty fire, but to master sadhu rituals like preparing chillums. Whether describing mishra's bhang lassi shop, the government hash store, her meeting with cannabis guru ganesh baba, or a trek to a cave in kashmir to view lord shiva's miraculous ice lingham, marilyn is an intrepid adventurer and thoughtful chronicler."
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David Tomory david tomory interviewed when i started the flower raj i went to dave tomory, a published writer whose work in 'a season in heaven' i admire. On Friday (24/07/2009) afternoon I interviewed him to find out why he wrote the book and whether he had any tips for me with this web site; as a diligent historian Dave counselled me to read studs terkel and work on strict plot lines; study oral history and be disciplined. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Shorter follow-up second interview a month later. Joined the oral history society.
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Andy Klein andy klein interviewed by nico morrison. andy lived in india in the 1960s & early 1970s, following which he built a family in the us of a & studied for his doctorate. he is now a professor at sharjah international university & occasionally revisits his hippy past.
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klaus schlichtman klaus schlichtman interviewed in New Delhi April 3rd 2012. klaus was an early adopter of Buddhism, deciding at the age of sixteen to leave Germany & head East, which he did eventually when he was eighteen, in 1962. In 1964 he arrived at the Sanskrit University Banaras &, remarkably, obtained the post of Lecturer in German, at the age of twenty. Here he talks about what it was like in Banaras in the early 1960s; later he made a kayak of his own construction and rode it from Banaras to Dhaka, then Calcutta to Puri.
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terry clifford & ganesh baba terry clifford & ganesh baba a one hour, two part, audio interview (sides A & B – 30 minutes each) digitised from the original audio cassette tape and made into high-quality (320kbps) MP3; ganesh baba, ‘The Psychedelic Guru’ is talking with terry clifford, in kathmandu, nepal – 20th september 1976; who is interviewing who in this psychedlic yet perceptive interview?
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peter thomas peter thomas interviewed by nico morrison; Australian Peter travelled overland for the first time in early 1971, via Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and on to Calcutta and Kathmandu. In a journeyman frenzy he continued on along the "The Great Road" - Delhi, Pakistan, Afghanistan and then on to the West. A couple of years later he returned to India and spent treasured time in Goa and the south of India. Somewhere along the way he gained the name Blond Peter. Here he provides glimpses of the ethos of the early overland Travellers (before backpackers) and also of the early Goa days. These days he lives on the Australian coast and sells rare books.
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margo sagov on bhaskar bhattacharyya margo sagov on bhaskar bhattacharyya memories of bhaskar particularly relating to his wedding with Rohini in 1988, which took place over several weeks in the Himalayas. an extended group gathered; Baul musicians; Bhaskars’ parents & brother; also many of Bhaskars’ Western friends.
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