The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. Jogini Falls Anti-Hydro Demonstration.
vashisht village with womens' organisations from all upper kullu 25 august 2011.


Jogini Falls Anti-Hydro Demonstration 25th August 2011; this is the raw footage (length 33:50) shot as I accompanied the demonstrators from their assembly in Vashisht Village, to their arrival at Manali Police station & later when they reached the Jogini Falls, had darshan ate a meal & retired home. This was a wonderful & moving day.

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Report on the protest march - The Tribune, Chandigarh, 25/08/2011.
"A huge gathering of women from various mahila mandals of the upper Kullu valley along with residents of Vashisht, Chaadiyari, Mathiyana, Koshala and Kanchnikoot took out a protest march here today against the 1-MW Micro-Hydel Power Generation Project undertaken by Water Miller Power Company coming up at the Jogini waterfall."

"As many as 83 mahila mandals holding banners and placards assembled at the Vashisht temple and later marched peacefully to Manali where they submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister PK Dhumal through the Manali SDM."

"The protesters also included women who were born and raised in nearby villages of Vashisht, Koshala, Mathiyana, Chaddiyari and Kanchanikoot and are now married and settled in different parts of the region."

"Many foreign tourists also participated in the protest march holding placards. A large number of foreign and domestic tourists visit the Jogini temple and the waterfall every day."

"The protesters said the project was hurting the religious sentiments of the people."

"All shops and business establishments in the tourists town of Manali and Vashisht, Koshala, Mathiyana, Chaddiyari and Kanchanikoot remained closed today as a mark of protest against the project."

"The protesters said they were not against development, but not at the cost of hurting religious sentiments of the locals. The Jogini waterfall is a well revered and a sacred place for not only people of the region, but the entire Kullu valley." (MC Thakur, TribuneIndia).


Success at Jogini Falls

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What is the role of Mahila mandal? "Mahila Mandalas are voluntary service organizations which work for the betterment of the women in the villages of India. These rural women are interested in working together with the help of Gram Sevikas, Mukhya Sevikas, Supervisor, and Program Officer"...

Mahila Mandals in Gender Politics "Mahila mandals, the traditional local women's organisations, have tremendous potential to address women's strategic gender needs. In rural areas they are increasingly acting as vehicles of resistance that enable women to enter the public domain".


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