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1.  WDST 100.1fm Woodstock, NY 2003. Marilyn interviewed by Doug Grunther. This interview/reading publicized 'High in the Himalayas', a chapbook published by Peter Lamborn Wilson. This interview is very funny &, as usual with Marilyn, has its little stings in the tail...

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"In the heyday of the sixties, during a seven-year stay in the Himalayas, Marilyn Stablein teaches herself how to not only cook a curry on a cow dung patty fire, but to master sadhu rituals like preparing chillums. Whether describing Mishra's bhang lassi shop, the government hash store, her meeting with cannabis guru Ganesh Baba, or a trek to a cave in Kashmir to view Lord Shiva's miraculous ice lingham, Stablein is an intrepid adventurer and humorous chronicler."

2.  TICKETLESS TRAVELER: The Dhobi Stories: These tales introduce Dhobi, a washerman who lives and travels between India and Nepal. At one time the men and women who washed clothes on the banks of the rivers were considered members of the lowest caste of untouchables. The caste system has now been abolished.
       "Ticketless Travel is a Social Evil." -- sign in an Indian Railway station.

Here is a teaser photo album of Dhobi tales continued...

3.  Losar at Bodhnath 2008 Tibetan New Year in Bodhnath, Kathmandu, Nepal. Marilyn writes... "In February 2008, in the dead of winter my daughter Sunita and I set out on our own pilgrimage to Nepal. Thirty-six years had passed since I lived in Nepal".

4.  COLLECTION MARILYN STABLEIN Marilyn's photos in The Flower Raj; includes some of her performance art, books published & Kathmandu & Darjeeling old & new.


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