English Text for "The Tiger, the Brahman and the Jackal".
the fable text as performed by the children of ganj village in hindi.

Once upon a time... a tiger was caught in a solid trap by villagers. By chance a pious Brahman was passing by.

Tiger: Please, let me out of this cage, oh pious Brahman!

Brahman: No, my friend! You would probably eat me if I did.

Tiger: Not at all! On the contrary, I should be for ever grateful and serve you as a slave!

Brahman: But if I open the cage, you'd restart eating the sheep of the villagers!

Tiger: No, Brother Brahman, I'm so thirsty, I just want to drink from the river. If you ask me, I will return immediately into the cage.

Brahman: In that case, it's okay.

The Brahman opens the cage and the tiger jumped on him to eat him.

Tiger: You were very naive to believe me and to open this cage, oh Brahman. Now, I will eat you!

Brahman: But, brother Tiger, you promised me not to eat me. What you are doing is not right.

Tiger: I do have the right, and what I'm going to do is right: tigers are allowed to eat Brahmans!

Brahman: Brother Tiger, Brother Tiger, please agree that we'll ask the next five beings we meet if your attitude is correct or not.

Tiger: Grrrrr... okay, Brahman, but you will see they all will agree with me.

The first being they met was a Banyan tree.

Brahman : Oh brother Banyan, Banyan brother, do you think it's fair that the tiger should eat me, when I just delivered him from his cage ?

Banyan Tree: All day when it's hot and dry, I offer shade and coolness to men. But when night comes, they break my branches and burn them to warm themselves. The man is not fair. Lord Tiger, eat the Brahman!

Tiger : Oh ! You see that he agrees with me!

Brahman: But this is only the first, brother Tiger, and you have granted me five opinions ! Let us continue our journey.

A little further, the Tiger and the Brahmin meet a buffalo along the road.

Brahman: Oh brother Buffalo, Buffalo brother, do you think the tiger should eat me when I just delivered him from his terrible cage?

Buffalo: When I was young and strong, I was pulling the chariot of my master all day. Now that I am old and weak, he leaves me and does not feed me anymore. Men are not grateful! Brother Tiger, eat the Brahman.

Tiger: Well, Allow yourself to be eaten

Brahman: But, brother Tiger, we have to wait for another three opinions!

The Brahman saw an eagle in the sky. He called him to ask his opinion.

Brahman: Oh brother Eagle, Eagle brother, do you think that the tiger should eat me while he promised me the opposite to deliver him out of his cage?

Eagle: I never bother men. I fly all day in the mountains, yet men shoot arrows at me and destroy my nest wherever they can. Men are bad. Brother Tiger, you can eat the Brahman!

Tiger: Well, resign yourself. They all agree that I eat you.

Brahman: For the moment, brother Tiger... for now. But you have given me five chances!

Near the stream, they met a crocodile.

Brahman: Oh brother Crocodile, Crocodile brother, can you tell us what to decide? Do you think that the tiger should eat me, when I just delivered him from a terrible cage, and he also promised to obey me in everything?

Crocodile: I'm staying all day lying in the mud, not moving, yet men chase me and beat me with sticks. Men are violent and dangerous. Tiger, eat the Brahman.

Tiger: This time I will eat you!

Brahmin: No, no, brother Tiger... wait at least for the final opinion!

Tiger: But they all agree, of course!

Brahman: Look, I see a jackal. If he too agrees with you, then you can eat me.

Brahman: Oh brother Jackal, Jackal brother, can you give us your opinion, so we can decide? Do you think that the tiger should eat me, when I just delivered him from a terrible cage and he said he would obey me?

Jackal: Hold on, brother Brahman. If you want my opinion, you will have to explain the thing calmly, with details because I can not understand complicated stories.

Brahman: The tiger was in a the cage. He asked me to deliver him because he was thirsty, and...

Jackal: Oohhh! but your story is very complicated! I do not understand. Which cage are you talking about?

Brahmin: About the cage in which he was locked up.

Jackal: But how was it? You better show it to me!

They return to watch the cage ..

Jackal: Good. Now, Brother Brahman, where were you?

Brahman : But here, in front of the cage and....

Jackal: And you, Lord Tiger, where were you?

Tiger : but in the cage, of course!!!

Jackal: Forgive my lack of intelligence, but if I dared ... how were you placed in the cage?

Tiger: What does it matter! I was in the bottom of the cage!

The Jackal: Yes, but I do not understand. Which side of the cage were you placed!

Tiger: But here!

The tiger, full of rage, jumped into the cage...

Jackal: But... I do not quite understand. Why did the Lord Tiger did stay in the cage? The door is open!

Tiger: But can not you understand that it was closed?

Jackal: But how was it closed?

Brahman : Just like this....

The Brahman closes the cage.

Jackal: I still do not understand! Why did the Lord Tiger never open the door?

Brahman: Because there was a lock

And the Brahman closes the lock ...

The Jackal: Yes, yes, the lock. Well, Brother Brahman, now that the lock is set, I advise you to leave it. And you, Lord Tiger, I think it will take a long time before someone delivers you! Brother Brahman, I wish you a good journey.

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