The Flower Raj - People & Places in the land of the Gods - India revisited. Remembering Bhaskar Bhattacharya.
a video interview with margo sagov, the himachal wedding party 1988


Margo Sagov video interview: (Oral history – 33:25). Memories of Bhaskar particularly relating to his wedding with Rohini in 1988, which took place over several weeks in mountainous locations in Northern India, to wit the Himalayas. The extended group gathered at hotels in Manali; Baul musicians from Bengal; Bhaskars’ father over from UK; as also many of Bhaskars’ Western friends. Margo recorded the sounds of the wedding itself and of Vashisht at festival time & the fair in Kullu Town, besides the actual wedding music, wandering with her Walkman professional & a camera.

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All material courtesy Margo Sagov, with many thanks; she also digitised the cassette tapes & worked to explain who is who & where.


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