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For practically more than a decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of newly registered nurses from different parts of the globe. The reason as to why this trend has been going on for over a couple of years is due to the fact that this profession has been in constant demand. As a result, apart from seeing nursing schools being opened in many towns and cities, we can see a couple of existing colleges and universities who are starting to offer nursing courses in order to keep up with the growing trend.

Long before this certain profession in the field of medicine has reached its current popularity in the entire world, men and women who aspire to become nurses are required to undergo four years of intensive schooling and on-the-job training in order to prepare them in the field they have chosen. Interested individuals of this present generation, on the other hand, are very lucky since they now have the option of finishing their studies within two to three years. This is because a person can now become a licensed nurse and practice his or her profession with and Associate of Science or A.S. degree.

Despite the fact that you can finish this in only a span of two years, an A.S degree is more or less almost similar to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is due to the fact that an A.S. degree is still able to cover up all the technical nursing courses that are needed to prepare a person to work in the health care facilities. The only difference here is that men and women who decide in pursuing a four-year degree is that they are able to delve deeper into the different subjects they are studying since they have a much longer time for that. And as a result, health care workers who were able to attain a Bachelor of Science degree have more career advancement and opportunities in comparison to those who have finished their degrees in a shorter period of time.

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On the other hand, if a person is in quite a hurry to start working, there is nothing wrong or degrading in taking a crash course that will readily equip him or her for the job at hand. As stated, the only distinction that separates the two is the time duration to finish the entire curriculum. However, it is going to be a very wise decision to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nurse training if he or she wishes to have bigger career opportunities in the future.

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