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I have been reselling MRR, Master Resell Rights, and PLR, Private Label Rights, software, scripts, web site design templates, graphics and eBooks for a few years. It is a extremely lucrative business which is ideal as your home based business. But there are so many other resellers who are selling similar packages, some sell at such low prices that its getting harder to make the serious profits I was making a few years ago.

Don’t be mistaken the MRR & PLR market still figures strongly in my long standing plans trading on the internet, there is still plenty of money to be made, the marketing methods for selling the packages just needs to be tackled from some different angles.

A while ago I found a supplier of Premier Quality Software & Scripts which can be branded with your Own Name. The packages are unique to them and can only be sold by a maximum of 500 approved distributors. So there is no need fordiscounting to secure sales ! In fact it is a condition of your software resellers agency agreement that you sell at a minimum price to protect the market and other authorized software agents. Because of the worth of these packages the sales price is more in line with their actual market value whilst still being affordable to all serious customers.

I utilize many of the packages myself in the day to day marketing of my own internet businesses. The software packages take in such thinks as: Boost website viral marketing Google Page Rank, improving your listing spot on the search engines, email list building, viral marketing resources, increasing your website traffic, niche article website building and much more.

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Each package has its own particular sales website which you can edit to suit your needs, there is even a complete instant sales website containing all of the packages, which can be branded with your details and published on your domain within a few minutes.

The back office sales structure has been well thought out with an programmed licensing system for every package sold, which ends the possibility of the software being passed around and loosing you sales. After successful payment the customer is directed to the download page to get the software. During the software installation process the customer is required to register his email address in order to obtain a license number, which is auto created by the system. Then at random software startup the license connects to the main server to verify that the license is valid. The authorized reseller gets an instant email confirmation of all licenses issued and is able to revoke a license at any time.

New packages are added regularly to ensure repeat sales from satisfied customers.

As you would expect from a company who are dedicated to distributing their software via authorized distributors there is plenty of training and marketing tools & advice to ensure your success.

So if you are researching a ready made internet business, with great potential, take a look at Turnkey Reseller Business

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