The Best VPN and Proxy to Access YouTube in China

YouTube isn’t just one of those blocked sites in China. While at the beginning, YouTube was just used by a bunch of college kids trying to be funny and impress their friends with silly videos online, it’s turned into one of the most important online tools available. After Google bought YouTube a few years back, anyone can see that the first or second result for just about any search term is a YouTube video.

You can see videos of your favorite start, you can learn new talents, you can fix you computer, and even see what’s happening around the world. Any professional website has videos imbedded in the posts to give readers a clearer picture of what their article is talking about – an all of this is available for free.

When you can’t access YouTube in China, it’s not just that you can’t go to the website and search for videos. It means that any website that has YouTube video imbedded in it, you’re unable to view. It means that some web pages won’t load because of keywords that may be contained in the video. It means that a large portion of your Google search results are just unavailable.

If you have a business, the you know the importance of video blogging and YouTube as a tool to get people to your site. Placing second (after the US) for number of Internet users in the country is China. When users can’t access YouTube in China, they can’t access your site, and you lose business.

For expats in China who want to keep up on world events, you’re out of luck as well. YouTube is as much of a news site as anything else, and even written blogs feature YouTube videos of important events around the world.

This is why you need to access YouTube in China. For smartphone users in China, it’s easiest to use a web based proxy. There’s no installation necessary, and to access YouTube in China you just type the YouTube URL into the secure browser and you’re ready to go. It’s a cheap and quick solution. The web based proxy I use is called SecuriTales. It’s only $6 a month, and it’s fast. I don’t thing there’s a lot of options when it comes to proxies in China – I shopped around and didn’t find much. SecuriTales is the way to go.

It’s also possible to get a VPN for your smartphone. It’s all a bit complicated because certain areas of China block PPTP and L2TP protocols, so services like 12VPN have got to get a bit creative. 12VPN uses pure IPsec to unblock sites in your iPhone, and something called L2TP IPSec PSK for Android. It’s confusing, I know, but trust them – they know what they’re doing. Let them know you’re in China – they’re based in Hong Kong and know how to get you around The GFW, whatever your device is.

For Mac, Windows, and Linux users, it’s much simpler. You can use a proxy to access YouTube in China on your computer, but I’d suggest something a bit more reliable and secure. OpenVPN is the way to go. In combination with SSL encrytpion, it’s pretty much indestructable,and it the best weapon you can have against The GFW. Most services have this available, but not all VPN websites in China are accessible. Many have had their main domains blocked. Some have secondary domains, which I’ll provide you with here.

12VPN – (mirror site for China)

SwitchVPN –

Panda Pow (mirror domain) –

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The best way to Program Your Running Weight reduction System

How you can Strategy Your Running Fat reduction System

A lot of usually do not like the notion of workout as portion of fat reduction activities. If the truth must be told, exercising is definitely an essential aspect of weight-loss activities. In actual fact, you could never ever be able to lose sufficient weight when you do not workout adequately. A single essential exercising you cannot keep away from is running. You must include operating weight loss plan as element from the core of the weight loss techniques. It’s within your best interest. It could be straining, thinking about the truth that you will need to expend power and in addition, it includes contraction and relaxation of your muscles and joints. But you’ll be the better for it at the end with the day.

When carrying out your operating fat reduction activities, you might want to understand that the physical exercise might not have any advantageous impact for those who do not get tired at it. Your tiredness is testimonial for the fact that you just have expended energy, which suggests you would have burnt adequate fat. Prior to you commence the exercise, it may be superior to set your thoughts on how lengthy you need to stay at it or make a decision on how much weight you desire to shed per day or week. It is possible to in fact realize something you set your thoughts on to do. But you should be constant with your workout program to achieve the finish point.

There are lots of operating weight-loss applications you are able to participate in. You may consist of marathon race as part of it. Search for such races organized within your locality and get involved. Think it or not, the very first expertise is not going to be palatable. But you’ll in no way be able to achieve your aim should you make a decision to provide up halfway. Following the initial two experiences, it may grow to be part of the life. You are able to be sure of losing a affordable level of fat pounds with each and every marathon race you get involved in.

Although carrying out operating weight loss activities, be realistic within your plans. Usually do not overdo issues. If not, you may get so much bruised and strained that you just is not going to be able or willing to continue next time. To stop this, take factors a step at a time. When starting out the very first time, you might just start out with handful of miles. You’ll be able to enhance the distance you run with time. It’s essential to nonetheless be sure to are growing the distance periodically to make sure progressive weight loss. With time, your weight challenge is going to be a factor of the past.

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The Carte Grise is a mandatory document to drive in France

A vehicle is a necessity in France especially if you’re going to reside there or spend more than six months in this lovely country where there’s so much to see. As much as you would like to drive around to view the scenery or for purposes of work, for shopping or to drive children to school, there are many rules and regulations that have been set up for motorists that you must know if you don’t want to be penalized for breaking road rules.

Before moving to France its better that you to decide whether you want to take the car you already have across or sell it in your own country and use the money to buy a brand new or used car in France. The French are very patriotic when it comes to vehicles, especially since they have some very popular brands manufactured in the country which almost all French citizens prefer to buy rather than go for foreign makes. However, whether you buy a new car or hope to use your old vehicle, you will need the French registration card which is called the Carte grise before you’re allowed to take your vehicle on the road.

Most new comers to the country are of the opinion that its much easier buying a vehicle in France not only because brands such as the Renault, Citroen and Peugeot have the required spare parts in the country itself and also due to garage hands being familiar with these makes making it easy to get their repairs carried out in case of some disorder. Buying a car from France also means your dealer will be able to handle the paper work such as getting your Carte grise which involves a lot of administration work most foreigners will find confusing.

The Carte grise is a mandatory requirement from the Department of Environment and Safety Standards for which you must get your vehicle checked in a testing station found around the country for which you will be given a certificate testifying that the vehicle meets the technical standards required by the French authorities. Among the many other reports and documents you will require to obtain your Carte Grise, the most important will be your passport, vehicle registration from the country of origin and a certificate from the manufacturer confirming that the vehicle in question is fit to be driven on French roads.

Getting this document is easier said than done because of the various bits of protocol involved and you’re advised to apply for your Carte grise online which is swift and safe. Once you have all the required documents ready you can access the official website which is “Cartegrise Minute” and submit the application and the attached documents which will be acknowledged and approved within twenty four hours if everything is in order. When you apply online, you will have your Carte grise within two days so that you can get your French license plates organized in order to get ready drive anywhere in the country.

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The Cheapest Android Tablet PCs in the Market

The market for tablet computers is now highly dynamic and competitive where the major brands such as Samsung and Google are fighting hard to provide the cheapest android tablet computers to the customers to increase market share. However, no matter how cheaply they sell their products, the brand image and quality are important that cannot be sacrificed while trying to cut down the cost.

The Chinese Android Tablets
While the bigger brands are faced with limitations to provide cheaper tablets by not sacrificing quality while maintaining brand image, there are numerous Chinese tablet products that are slowly entering the US market providing android tablets for as less as $40. Cheap android tablets are very popular in Asia; especially in the least develop countries like India or Vietnam where android tablets costing less than $100 are available all over the place. In this process, many of those major brands like Apple, Samsung and Google are finding hard to compete with the Chinese products in those Asian markets.

Most cheap android tablet products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China and are shipped all over to its nearest regions. However, these products are also made available over the internet through various websites that enables anybody from any place on earth to order. Many sites are also offering whole sale prices for bulk purchases enabling people to supply these products in North America and Europe to make available in small electronic shops. Moreover, there are tablet stores in Shenzhen that can manufacture customized tabs based on individual orders within 30 days with price ranging from as low as $30 to as high as $300.

The Quality
Many users are generally quite satisfied with the Chinese tabs and have posted good reviews on it. Users mostly prefer to buy these tabs in order carry with them when they are travelling longer distances and don’t want to have the fear of losing these tabs as they would have for expansive ones like iPad mini or others. As long as they are being able to perform some simple task that these cheap products offer, they are quite happy with the value they are getting from the money they spent. As a matter of fact, most cheap tabs have features that the expansive brands have or at least the earlier versions of it which has proved to be quite satisfactory for the users.

However, if one needs to compare a $50 Chinese tab with a branded $300 tab, the difference lies in the quality. The Chinese tabs cannot provide a better resolution display; a better mega pixel of camera or a soothing audio quality. It furthermore, cannot provide a longer battery and most importantly it doesn’t provide a warranty unlike the major tablet brands.

Therefore, the gamble on quality and cost continues where although many Chinese tabs that are cheapest in the market are competing with the major brands, they cannot be as efficient like android tablets offered by major brands like Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy.

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The Future of Online Games

With evolution of technology, everything related to it started evolving rapidly. But there was a big evolution in gaming industry. We experienced era of games like Mario, snake (that one on Nokia mobiles), Pacman, etc. These games were so light but in starting phase of gaming industry. But with the time and development of technology and gadgets, we are now playing superb games like GTA V, Mortal combat 3, Max Payne 3, etc. These are games with high quality graphic, awesome gameplay and many other things combines with each other.

Also, with the emergence of Gaming Consoles like PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo, etc., online gaming started booming rapidly. With release of these gadgets and its online games which can be played with your friends, we can play it like boss. We love to do many thing with our friends, like Movies, Partying, etc. That’s why online gaming got huge response because we can connect to internet and play these games with our friends. With evolving technology, innovations in gaming, increasing use of internet, development of gaming gears will make future of online gaming. Let’s take a look at the how is the future of online gaming industry.

Virtual Reality

:- Virtual Reality makes anything onscreen look like reality. It is a technology which makes you feel like images or videos showing on screen are real. It is more advanced version of 3D experience. Virtual reality technology is taking baby steps and still developing. But in upcoming years, it will emerge with new innovations, come at affordable price range. This evolution will make multiplayer online gaming experience more awesome.

Increase in Browser gaming:-
Browser games are very light and simple. These types of games can be played on internet browsing software. These games are very interesting yet simple to play. This type of online games can be played on a computer or mobile with stable internet connection. Casino games like Slots Heaven Australia are very popular in browser gaming category. Browser games loads very fast on slow internet connections. These type of are buffered directly from website. Mostly, these games are Flash games which are smooth and doesn’t eat CPU resources.

Cloud Gaming:-
Cloud computing is used to store and access our valuable data like documents, music, videos, etc. Cloud computing is in its first phases. Soon, cloud technology will be introduced in online gaming. With gaming cloud technology, you can play games which are stored on cloud servers. Cloud games will not consume huge space on your computer as they are stored away from you on Cloud servers. Cloud gaming is very easy to understand. The game which you want to play is store on cloud servers. When you want to play it, you receive Video and Audio output of game on your screen. And you send Input signals to control your gaming character via stable internet connection. With high speed internet connection, you can smoothly play these games online. This technology is in its initial stage as there is no stable internet in every corner of world.

Light but High Quality Games:-
Many multiplayer online games are high quality but consume more space on your PC or console. With evolving technology of data compression and its implementation in gaming industry, new games with High quality graphics will be released which will not consume more disk space of your PC or console. Also, these games will not eat up more CPU resources making gameplay experience more smooth and interesting.

Technology will evolve very rapidly. With evolving technology, innovations and inventions of other technologies, online gaming industry will evolve time to time. Implementing these technologies will make online gaming a awesome experience. It will be more convenient, smooth experience for gamers. To see these features implemented in online games, we have to wait for some more years.

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The Great Debate: Nexus One or Xperia X10?

Many Android users looking to upgrade sometime in the near future may be asking themselves the same question, “which of the two new Android based Snapdragon handsets do I want?” Currently, the choices are The Nexus One, and The Xperia X10. I won’t add in the Acer A1, as it seems less worth while. I started writing this article last week, and realized that this could be a large compare and contract read, but as I really started to try to simplify it, it comes down to what matters to you most, hardware or software. Both of these handsets are very nice, and are very similar. Both have large displays, running Android on top of a Snapdragon processor, nice cameras with flash, among other things. While the Xperia X10 get major points for a superior camera, larger screen, and custom user interface, it does lag in some departments with the Nexus One. For starters, the Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, opposed to the X10’s Android 1.6. Other benefits from the Nexus One other than the currently exclusive software version are additional RAM and the development community coming from HTC. Also, since the Nexus One is a Google Experience phone, the updates will be available as soon as they are ready, instead of having to wait for Sony Ericsson to integrate their Rachael UI into it. The first time around when I began to write this article, the X10 was clearly the phone for me. The larger display accompanied by the 8MP camera were luxuries that I just had to have on my phone. Later on, the more I thought of these features, I started to see some downsides, or just ways that I would not take advantage of these must haves. A larger display means more to fit into your pocket, as well as affecting the feel of the device in your hands. Although the X10 has about .3 inches more screen real estate than the Nexus One, it only adds 5 grams to the weight of the device in comparison. Also, because both of these devices have large displays, they both may not feel as great in the hand as say, the MyTouch 3G. The 3.2″ display on the MyTouch is pretty perfect, allowing the user to really have a good grip on the phone, and feels great in the hand. Even with the iPhone’s 3.5″ screen, the feel in the hand can be awkward, and somewhat less enjoyable for one-handed use. As far as the camera goes with the handsets, megapixel count should mean less to the average consumer, unless you are printing out the pictures you take. The MyTouch’s 3.2 MP camera is just fine if you are justing sending pictures to friends, or uploading them to Facebook. Not to go unmentioned, the X10’s camera software appears to be phenomenal, but that still might not make me want to take any more pictures than I already do. The Nexus One’s camera has gotten decent reviews as well, but nothing spectacular. If you’ve noticed, all HTC Android phone are severely crippled in low light. I’m not sure how the cameras on Sony Ericsson’s phones are, but I think it is safe to say, that the X10 wins this round. It’s also sad to note that the best camera ever to grace Android is on the worst Android handset to date, the Samsung Behold 2. Now that I’ve realized that I may not need a whole four inches of screen, or a 8MP camera on my phone, software and community comes into play. I have never owned a Sony Ericsson phone, so this is going off of assumptions. With the most Android devices to date, the HTC development community has quite the reputation. Developer’s like Haykuro, and Cyanogen have completely changed the way some of us look at Android. There are many, many more great developers out there giving us great roms for the users to try, just way too many to name. With such an unrivaled Android following of devs on HTC’s side, Sony Ericsson’s development team is late to the game, with only one handset available to them. The user interfaces on each phone vary greatly. The Nexus One carries the new, refreshed look of Android that some would say is much needed. The X10 takes a different approach with it’s Rachael user interface. Pictures of contacts, music, and photos flow across your screen in a sexy and seemingly effortless way. SE did quite the overhaul with their UI, and it appears to be a winner. As nice as Rachael may be on the eyes, one can only think that the heavy graphics usage on Timescape and Mediascape will no doubt lessen battery life. If one of your concerns is that you love the look of the Nexus One, but want to user interface of the X10, all I would say is, “just wait.” Once both phones are on the market and rooted, The Nexus One should be able to hand the Rachael UI with ease. I’d also go far enough to say the same thing about the X10. If it only takes 256 MB of RAM to let Rachael run smoothly on the X10, then the less ‘ooh and ahh’ Nexus One software should be able to run on it just fine. So what phone will be yours in 2010?

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The HTC Trophy Smart Phone Will Have Major Improvments

Owners of the HTC Trophy Smart phone need to pay heed to this exciting announcement;

Verizon is working hard to provide a software update.
This is great news because the phone will function much better when the corrected applications are installed. The officials with this particular cell phone service have been trying for a very long time to provide their consumers with this specific type of service. What type of software will improve with this new change? The “tango” version of software is the anticipated change. Some of the features include mobile hotspots and improved multimedia message retrieval. Both of these features have been the source of contention for many HTC Trophy smart phone users. What’s the point of owning a smart phone that cannot connect to the internet correctly? It defeats the whole purpose of the phone on many levels. Verizon Wireless has taken the time to post the details of this improvement on their customer support page. There a user can find out all of the necessary details surrounding the actual update itself. Customers can also contact customer service specialists to answer any type of specific questions or concerns.

With the addition of Tango software, this Window’s phone will be the perfect accessory to have.
It will contain the latest and greatest features such as the internet sharing feature. This will allow five other devices connect with the phone at one time. Of course there may be additional fees and data charges with this option. But it’s nice to have the capability, especially if it needs to be used for a work related experience. The multimedia additions will include sending multiple photos, videos and ring tones to other HTC users. By sharing more data, the lines of communication will be open even farther. These are only a few of the many exciting things a person can expect when they receive the new software. The improvements are phenomenal and exciting.

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The Interview: Sony’s Marketing Master Class

Few constants are still true with regards to modern society and technology. What is unequivocal? That we like to broadcast our opinions and the internet gives us the perfect platform to reach a loud crescendo. That is, if we’re on the “right” side of the discussion. Those that harness that predictability end up the winners over the long term.

The winners this time? Not terrorists. Not North Korea. Sony.

I’ve followed the controversy around Sony Pictures and The Interview with great interest, as many of us have. While much of my attention has been on the subject matter of the film and how it poorly reflects on western (or rather, American) society’s values and what we find “funny,” understandably, the discussion has been around the perceived warfare on our constitution rights. Specifically, the right to self expression.

Many took an affront to the actions of Sony: bowing down to the demands of terrorists by canceling the theatrical release of The Interview, a film that upset a very specific group overseas. Naturally, the conversation started to revolve around a fear that those rights were in jeopardy. But, honestly, were they ever? Was Sony truly going to take such a large-scale financial and reputational hit? Obviously not, as the movie is, “once more,” planned for launch this holiday.

Sony couldn’t take the financial hit, anyway

– Sony is a wounded company. For many years, its profits in the electronics industry have been bled dry by faster and more innovative competitors, namely Apple and Samsung. While Sony was on top in the 80s, a slow decline has become the story ever since. Recently, the company has reported multiple losses of a billion dollars or more. They’ve even had to sell skyscrapers to look good to shareholders! The stock, needless to say, is near a decades-long low. The only bright spot for the past year or so has been the PlayStation division. Sony’s reliance on this part of the company is obvious when you note that their newest CEO was an individual credited for championing the concept of the first ever PlayStation, just over two decades ago. Some publications have calculated Sony’s losses to be above $200 million if they had never shown The Interview. Would a public corporation ever make that kind of decision given their difficulties?

Sony expected popular opinion and, most importantly, the United States government to turn on the North Korean government anyway –

The last few days have confirmed Americans’ strong value of their constitutional rights and the American government’s ability to retaliate with force. The North Korean government knows how feeble their weaponry is, having their internet shut down over the course of a day.

Sony are savvy social marketers and understand the power of the echo –

I’d like to point your attention to a small video that Sony put together last year. This video shows how savvy the executives and marketing teams at the company really are at grabbing an unforeseen opportunity.

If you’re unfamiliar, this was the singular video which convinced many that Sony had “won” E3 2013. After Microsoft fumbled with policies that would have meant the end of buying used games or even borrowing them from your friends, Sony drove a dagger through Xbox’s momentum by reminding gamers of how friendly the PlayStation 4 would be. PlayStation would be the people’s choice, by default. Sony became the good guys, not because of anything special that they did, but by seizing upon negative popular opinion. Perhaps, you are already noticing some parallels to the situation with The Interview.

#TheInterview is now the most spoken about film of 2014, without a shadow of a doubt. This is not due to the quality of the movie or some ground-breaking ideas, its due to a situation that Sony had no hand in personally starting. Or, perhaps they did, and they used North Korea’s predictability to call attention to a movie that only cost $70 million to produce. The Interview is now on the radar of many of those who didn’t even know that it existed and would now like to see what the fuss was about. A younger audience is likely to give a long tail to the film’s profits when it launches digitally. Sony, a wounded company, is going to be able to surprise shareholders yet another time, giving it that much room to continue to rebuild the rest of the company.

Sony just wrote a brand new textbook on the concept of a marketing master class.

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The Latest on Apple Health and Healthkit

As Apple gets ready to tackle healthcare with its new iOS 8, we take a closer look on two of its main features, the Apple Health app and Healthkit. As far as latest new technology goes, after all the hype which was created and the recent WWDC in San Francisco, a pool of questions have risen from both fans of the Apple brand, and those who are thinking of making the switch to the Apple device. The two questions that are on top of the list are about the newly introduced Apple health app and Healthkit. So, without further ado, here’s the information we have so far on both of these new features of the iOS 8 platform.

The Health App
So, first up is the newly introduced Apple Health App which is going to make its debut along with the new iOS 8 later on this year. The sole purpose of designing the new app is to tie in different measurements which will be generated when the user uses the Apple wearable device. For instance, with the use of the health app, users will now be able to keep track on everything related to their health and fitness, from monitoring their activity levels, to keeping track of their weight, and other medical conditions, such as, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Healthkit
Apple has picked the perfect time to roll out the new software platform which allows users to connect with clinicians in order to collect real time data on their vital signs and furthermore, track the data from all of Apple’s Health and fitness tracking apps.

And while more and more people are looking to take advantage of the new wearables to keep track of their fitness levels, medical care givers are looking forward to providing better quality of health care services by using the new Healthkit to monitor the health of their patients. The Healthkit is made up of various apps which are presented in the form of Misfit, iHealth, UP and Fitbit, all these apps are then seamlessly integrated thanks to Apple’s new operating platform, the iOS8. By carefully planning, Apple seems to have come up with a solid way of stepping in to the healthcare-related apps space, and are looking to make an extraordinary profit by dramatically changing the users outlook when it comes to health and fitness.

Ending Note
As far as latest new technology goes, the ability to collect data on the vitals of medical patients on the fly is the future of healthcare. Once the tracking of healthcare becomes simple and more social, it will without a doubt have a positive impact on healthcare in general. In a nutshell, Apple’s new move with its Health App and Healthkit can very well be the one and only solution to curbing the costs of healthcare. But maybe, we are getting too ahead of ourselves, the truth of the matter is that the true impact of Apple’s app and Healthkit on healthcare will only be noticeable once the new iOS 8 is released to the masses, which should be in October or September of this year.

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The Latest on Microsoft’s Tussle with the Government

A search warrant usually allows law enforcement agencies complete access to, well, search a particular place. That’s the case in America, which is one of the main reasons why Microsoft isn’t too thrilled that it has been slapped with a search warrant for access to its servers outside the United States, or in this case, emails that are being hosted on servers in Ireland.

According to the latest technology products news, the legal tussle which was going on between Microsoft and the U.S. Government reached its boiling point recently when the Government demanded that Microsoft has to hand over customer emails that are stored outside the country. It seems that in the post-Snowden era and after the revelations on the methods of how the Government collects sensitive information, IT and tech companies are growing more resistant to Government pressure on handing over information regarding its users. As a matter of fact, other big names in the tech industry such as, Google and Yahoo have also upped their security measures and are now encrypting user emails as protection from illicit Government intrusion.

For the tech industry, the Microsoft vs. government case is big news, especially because it’s got to do with the rights regarding the privacy of millions of users who use the services of various tech companies within the U.S.

According to Microsoft’s legal counsel, the decision that was passed out in mid December by a magistrate judge on the grounds that prosecutors needed to look into a criminal case in which Microsoft’s service, was used, gives law enforcement agencies access to emails stored in Microsoft’s hub office in Dublin, Ireland.

Many believe that the anti-trust case against Microsoft is a clear example of the government’s intrusion of what formerly was thought to be considered as an industry which was free of infringement. After the court order, several tech firms have come out and said that this kind of hindrance is having a negative impact of their customers who are now too afraid of using the services of companies which are located in the U.S, consequently, impeding all future technological progress in the industry. On the other hand, a warrant which is recognized by Ireland would help prevent any undesired legal precedent from being established.

Microsoft has also previously blamed the U.S. government on their methods for collecting digital information without their consent has eroding the trust of their customers in other countries. Microsoft has challenged the warrant saying that it unlawfully gives U.S law enforcement power to kick down the doors of their offices overseas. According to the latest technology products news, Verizon has filed a legal brief in Support of Microsoft and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and other major players are also expected to do the same in the coming weeks.

Ending Note
After the warrant was filed, the tech industry seems to be faced with a strange dilemma. On one hand, if the government gains rights to access digital content from servers of tech companies, it would be the end of privacy for user information as we know it. On the other hand, if the legal argument stands, and the tech industry somehow wins the case, it would be a serious blow for law enforcement agencies in fighting criminals. But there is one question that begs an answer, “If the warrant is approved, will the U.S government allow access to its server farms, to let’s say…China?

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