Robert Beer, Giclée prints of Tibetan & Newar Buddhist Art.


Robert Beer - Tibetan & Newar Art, Buddhist Art, Scholar, ArtistRobert Beer has studied and practised Tibetan Art & more generalised spiritual precepts for over forty years. An early westerner to become actively involved in the spiritual art forms of Buddhism & Hinduism, he initially studied in India and Nepal.

Since 1975 he has lived in England working consistently on developing the artistic skills, vision, patience and understanding of these complex subjects, as well as the historical and cultural contexts within which they arise.Paradise of Amitabha Buddha - Giclée Print at TibetanArt.Com

For many years now, Robert travelled yearly to Nepal where the inheritors of the Tibetan Buddhist artistic traditions & skills have migrated since the Chinese hegemony in Tibet itself. Where the Newari traditions of spiritual painting have, in any case, long been considered the equal of the best Tibetan paintings. Robert is mentoring and bringing both Newari art & Newari artists to the West & continues to nurture appreciation for & understanding of this wonderful, continuing, venerable, and always renewing, artistic tradition. Robert now has made available for purchase beautiful & iconographically correct Giclée prints from his collection.

Go to where he also writes articles & on Tibetan Buddhist Deities and blogs.

Robert expounding at his  2010 exhibition at Tibet House, New York, NYC, USA December 2009.Robert Beer writes, studies, exhibits his own & other artists work, teaches, lectures & lives in Oxford, England with his partner Gill, a cat & several hundred paintings.

Robert is currently preparing a major exhibition to be shown at Tibet House, New York, between December 2010 & February 2011. Since then (2011) he has given talks & exhibted items in Moscow & is still working hard writing on Deities.