Take A Look At The World Of Digital Scrap Booking Freebies

Crafters around the world are raising their antennae higher and higher as time goes by with the advent of digital scrap booking, because—for lovers of the craft—-the computer is opening up new vistas for them and all kinds of new possibilities for putting together unique scrapbooks. And then when new sites began popping up offering digital scrap booking freebies, the rush was on. These freebies can be downloaded and used as you please, and can be used as many times over and over as you please. A big savings over traditional paper scrap booking.

To explain what digital scrap booking is, is easily defined by saying that it is the use of a computer, graphics software, and digital scrap booking supplies that are found online on the Internet that can be downloaded at will to create a scrapbook online on any subject you desire. You can print the pages you create, or have them printed for you, or store your work on discs. Hybrid scrap booking is where you combine standard scrap booking supplies with digital scrap booking supplies that have been printed and create a scrapbook from the two. This is where finding and using digital scrap booking freebies can save you some money.

There is no shortage of digital scrap booking freebies on the Internet, and if you know where to look for them, you’d be amazed at how much material there is out there for the taking. Lots of sites are there to provide only freebies and offer the visitors to the site the option of downloading page elements, or kits, and fonts; and do so with no strings attached. Other sites operate a little differently and will offer parts of larger kits for free, but the rest of the kit is for sale on the site.

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For example, some of the websites on the Internet that offer digital scrap booking freebies are—The Digital Scrapbook Place; Scrapbook Bytes; Two Peas in a Bucket; Shabby Princess; The Digi Chick; and Digital Freebies. There are tons more and all you have to do is browse from one site to another and check out what they all have to offer, and what you have to do (if anything) to partake of the free material. Many of these sites are set up just for issuing freebies and are very popular with budding scrap bookers and those who want to offer their own creations to share with others.

If you are wondering what the mechanics are of how some of these sites that offer digital scrap booking freebies operate, just a peek into the operations of one typical site can give you an idea. The first step for many of them is for you to join their membership and sign in—this way you will get a free newsletter every month; then you can shop the entire site for all the paraphernalia that is on the site for purchase; look at all the freebies that are available for downloading and take what you want for your own use; partake of the tutorials to learn what is new on the subject; and then you can blog if you want and share whatever you want to talk about, ask questions, or share your creations with other folks.

Ethics is an important subject in digital scrap booking as it is in any legitimate business, and there are guidelines that must be followed. If you are downloading digital scrap booking freebies, you cannot create layouts with these freebies and then turn around and sell them to others; nor can you get freebies off a site that you have a membership on, and redistribute them to your friends who are not members, (that is a violation of copyright laws); and you also cannot download freebies, alter them a little, and then try to introduce them as something you created as one of your originals.

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Scrap booking is a form of crafting that has attracted thousands of folks who love the craft and are on the search all the time to find new avenues of expression and creativity. Once computers became a household item, many traditional scrap bookers moved into the area of digital scrap booking because it has so much to offer in so many new ways—and part of this area of scrap booking is the willingness of others to share digital scrap booking freebies with each other as part of the picture.

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