The Cheapest Android Tablet PCs in the Market

The market for tablet computers is now highly dynamic and competitive where the major brands such as Samsung and Google are fighting hard to provide the cheapest android tablet computers to the customers to increase market share. However, no matter how cheaply they sell their products, the brand image and quality are important that cannot be sacrificed while trying to cut down the cost.

The Chinese Android Tablets
While the bigger brands are faced with limitations to provide cheaper tablets by not sacrificing quality while maintaining brand image, there are numerous Chinese tablet products that are slowly entering the US market providing android tablets for as less as $40. Cheap android tablets are very popular in Asia; especially in the least develop countries like India or Vietnam where android tablets costing less than $100 are available all over the place. In this process, many of those major brands like Apple, Samsung and Google are finding hard to compete with the Chinese products in those Asian markets.

Most cheap android tablet products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China and are shipped all over to its nearest regions. However, these products are also made available over the internet through various websites that enables anybody from any place on earth to order. Many sites are also offering whole sale prices for bulk purchases enabling people to supply these products in North America and Europe to make available in small electronic shops. Moreover, there are tablet stores in Shenzhen that can manufacture customized tabs based on individual orders within 30 days with price ranging from as low as $30 to as high as $300.

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The Quality
Many users are generally quite satisfied with the Chinese tabs and have posted good reviews on it. Users mostly prefer to buy these tabs in order carry with them when they are travelling longer distances and don’t want to have the fear of losing these tabs as they would have for expansive ones like iPad mini or others. As long as they are being able to perform some simple task that these cheap products offer, they are quite happy with the value they are getting from the money they spent. As a matter of fact, most cheap tabs have features that the expansive brands have or at least the earlier versions of it which has proved to be quite satisfactory for the users.

However, if one needs to compare a $50 Chinese tab with a branded $300 tab, the difference lies in the quality. The Chinese tabs cannot provide a better resolution display; a better mega pixel of camera or a soothing audio quality. It furthermore, cannot provide a longer battery and most importantly it doesn’t provide a warranty unlike the major tablet brands.

Therefore, the gamble on quality and cost continues where although many Chinese tabs that are cheapest in the market are competing with the major brands, they cannot be as efficient like android tablets offered by major brands like Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy.

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