The HTC Trophy Smart Phone Will Have Major Improvments

Owners of the HTC Trophy Smart phone need to pay heed to this exciting announcement;

Verizon is working hard to provide a software update.
This is great news because the phone will function much better when the corrected applications are installed. The officials with this particular cell phone service have been trying for a very long time to provide their consumers with this specific type of service. What type of software will improve with this new change? The “tango” version of software is the anticipated change. Some of the features include mobile hotspots and improved multimedia message retrieval. Both of these features have been the source of contention for many HTC Trophy smart phone users. What’s the point of owning a smart phone that cannot connect to the internet correctly? It defeats the whole purpose of the phone on many levels. Verizon Wireless has taken the time to post the details of this improvement on their customer support page. There a user can find out all of the necessary details surrounding the actual update itself. Customers can also contact customer service specialists to answer any type of specific questions or concerns.

With the addition of Tango software, this Window’s phone will be the perfect accessory to have.
It will contain the latest and greatest features such as the internet sharing feature. This will allow five other devices connect with the phone at one time. Of course there may be additional fees and data charges with this option. But it’s nice to have the capability, especially if it needs to be used for a work related experience. The multimedia additions will include sending multiple photos, videos and ring tones to other HTC users. By sharing more data, the lines of communication will be open even farther. These are only a few of the many exciting things a person can expect when they receive the new software. The improvements are phenomenal and exciting.

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