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As Apple gets ready to tackle healthcare with its new iOS 8, we take a closer look on two of its main features, the Apple Health app and Healthkit. As far as latest new technology goes, after all the hype which was created and the recent WWDC in San Francisco, a pool of questions have risen from both fans of the Apple brand, and those who are thinking of making the switch to the Apple device. The two questions that are on top of the list are about the newly introduced Apple health app and Healthkit. So, without further ado, here’s the information we have so far on both of these new features of the iOS 8 platform.

The Health App
So, first up is the newly introduced Apple Health App which is going to make its debut along with the new iOS 8 later on this year. The sole purpose of designing the new app is to tie in different measurements which will be generated when the user uses the Apple wearable device. For instance, with the use of the health app, users will now be able to keep track on everything related to their health and fitness, from monitoring their activity levels, to keeping track of their weight, and other medical conditions, such as, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Healthkit
Apple has picked the perfect time to roll out the new software platform which allows users to connect with clinicians in order to collect real time data on their vital signs and furthermore, track the data from all of Apple’s Health and fitness tracking apps.

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And while more and more people are looking to take advantage of the new wearables to keep track of their fitness levels, medical care givers are looking forward to providing better quality of health care services by using the new Healthkit to monitor the health of their patients. The Healthkit is made up of various apps which are presented in the form of Misfit, iHealth, UP and Fitbit, all these apps are then seamlessly integrated thanks to Apple’s new operating platform, the iOS8. By carefully planning, Apple seems to have come up with a solid way of stepping in to the healthcare-related apps space, and are looking to make an extraordinary profit by dramatically changing the users outlook when it comes to health and fitness.

Ending Note
As far as latest new technology goes, the ability to collect data on the vitals of medical patients on the fly is the future of healthcare. Once the tracking of healthcare becomes simple and more social, it will without a doubt have a positive impact on healthcare in general. In a nutshell, Apple’s new move with its Health App and Healthkit can very well be the one and only solution to curbing the costs of healthcare. But maybe, we are getting too ahead of ourselves, the truth of the matter is that the true impact of Apple’s app and Healthkit on healthcare will only be noticeable once the new iOS 8 is released to the masses, which should be in October or September of this year.

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