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The articles you create as content is the most important part of being successful with your website. Poorly written website articles do not cut it anymore. In fact sometimes decent articles are not good enough. I am going just a bit overboard here, but not by much. Competition is fierce on the Internet. Since the Panda update, where Google hit low quality websites hard for providing basically a bad user experience, it is clear that a website have the best content to rank high in search results. Google being a search engine wants the best content to come up in the top position in search results when a user types in a search query.


The first priority to creating great content is to solve the readers issue, what ever that may be. The reason they are reading an article is to find a solution. So it follows that before you start out writing you must know what the issue is. For purposes of content creation we look for a problem that many people are trying to solve. You can find this out through keyword research. You can go to Yahoo Answers and do a site search using the topic of your article. I went over there and did a search for “website traffic”. I got several ideas to write about just looking at the first page search results. If you look you can find what people want. After that it is simple, just give readers what they ask for.

I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s true. Do your research and make sure you are being thorough on your subject, so the reader does not have to hop around from site to site. You solve readers problems and they come back for more. One of the best things I have ever seen is website owners who have a link labeled “Ask Me a Question”. In this case you ask the webmaster a question and he answers back in an email. Want to talk about value. Sites like wikiHow, Yahoo Answers and Ehow do great on the web with commenters answering peoples questions.

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What we are hoping for with great content is that:

1. Google will be smart enough to rank our content high in the search engines so that we get Google traffic for free.

2. That readers will tell other people about your site because your article solved their problem and enlightened them.

3. You get a “like”, ”tweet” and maybe a Google Plus 1 share because your content is so good and goes viral on Social Networks.

4. You get a lot of traffic.

You also want to post your content on major Social networks. I mean Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Post your article on other Social sites as well. I ran across a service called that auto submits posts to Social Networks. You might want to check it out. I am totally convinced that Social Media is where the gold is to get your content in front of people. I am so excited about this because of the opportunity it presents.

When talking about successful content creation we cannot ignore SEO. There are some basic SEO principles that need to be followed to achieve success. The first priority is defining keywords. Let’s say we know there are many dog owners looking to get their dog to sit.

I went to the Google Keyword Tool and did a search for this topic and found a good keyword “how to train a dog to sit”. Wow, that was easy! It has decent search volume and low competition. So I know from this that users are typing this phrase into Google and the competition is not bad. That’s important because I know this a competitive niche.

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Again our goal is to find out what someone wants help with and write an article that does that. For other basic SEO see this writing on How to SEO your Website. The title is misleading as the article talks much about article SEO.

Writing great content for your website is in your best interest. Readers will want to come back to your site to get information. They will want to bookmark your page, give you social shares. This is all a win win for you and gives new and repeat traffic.


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