Decoding your target audience in just 6 steps

It’s imperative that when creating content for your website you should have in mind the main characteristics of you target audience. Effective content creation goes hand in hand with your own anticipation of the search needs and main questions of your audience. Target audience profile will allow you to correctly frame article titles and give your pieces a reasonable flow. If you manage to give answers and info to your target audience then you are successful and most probably will come back for more, share and positively comment on your material.

Target audience matters?

Creating content without considering your target audience is like setting a boat adrift without proper navigational tools. On the other hand, creating content based on your audiences’ needs is like setting the boat on the autopilot and allowing it will find your target audience by itself. Digital marketers which manage to prepare successfully their content based on any audiences’ needs they also manage to beguile the fears of any customer that their ROI will not be able to meet their required standards. Successful content creation is the key to web success and increased revenues.

SEO and content creation:

When it comes to SEO and content creation, it is quite easy to establish your objectives. Your initial task would be to sit down and roughly note them down. It does not mean that they would be tangible or correct but it would be your starting point. Examples of this exercise:

“I want to rank at the top of Google for the keyword “fishing in Franklin MA.”

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“I want to get 40 hot leads a month through inbound marketing.”

“I want to double my link profile 100% each month through guest blogging.”

In order to ensure that your objectives are met, this basically means success to your business; always begin your campaigns by understanding your target audience. Here are a few step of understanding them:

1) Who Are They?

When consolidating a solid audience profile, it is critical to start by understanding who your audience really is. For example, to understand a single male in his early twenties who is renting an apartment in New York City and makes over $100,000 in a year, a few things may arise from this situation. A few possible variations can be identified. He can be an investment banker probably working 100 hours a week or a novelist who had plenty of early success with his book but he is currently struggling with creativity on his next project. The detail in the description is what helps you sell by giving it context. To succeed with the process of building an audience profile, try to understand them using a solid demographic base.

2) Understand their most pressing issues and desires

It does not matter whether the issue is longstanding or short term; make a point of coming into terms with the same. Every member of your audience group might be suffering from a certain problem. It can be persistent such as the inability to get an entrepreneurial venture or a momentary issue such as the inability to figure out how to with a difficult client. Make these issues the entrée points into their lives.

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The following two perspectives will help you be in a better understanding of understating your audience and also help to create a powerful content.

• Try to understand the predominant problem that brought your most profitable and best customers to your door. This will help you to design a motivational formula for the other clients. It also helps to create an attractive content for the prospects.

• By trying to understand what is driving people to products and services will help you expand your arsenal of topics, and approaches.

3) Where do they get their information?

For any business, it is critical to have an incisive channel for deploying information. With each channel, there are multiple motivations for publishing through them;

• The brand name offers you credibility with a wider audience.

• Website will benefit you with the high ranks and relevant topical approaches.

• Publishing your content will help your customers to read or watch the content.

It is only through publication that we can be able to connect our business ventures to the right people. Business ventures should always try to find out more about its audience consumption habits. Find out whether they read blogs, or whether they have subscribed to emails and newsletter.

After establishing the kind of publication, try to find out more about the ones which your consumers spend most of their time on and those that they trust the most.

4) Understand what benefit of your product solves most of their problems

Over the years consumers have come to appreciate the fact of focusing on the benefits as opposed to the features of a product. Consumers are more concerned about what a product can do for them as opposed to what it does in general. As a business try to identify which benefit is most important so that you can be able to speak directly to your audience.

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For example, SEO can be used to generate more traffic to your website. More traffic benefits a business in that would create more leads for your sales, more customers who buy your products, more people reading your content and at the same time sharing the content. To a small business, more leads and customers are crucial to the growth objectives.

5) What sets off their BS detector?

Most of the ads are usually filled with lies. However, as content creators we should never run afoul of our customer’s highly developed BS detectors. For a proper guidance, here are a few ideas;

• Always make a point of acting with honesty and integrity. Be ethical when delivering information.

• Understand the market dynamics so that you can be in a better position of understanding the standard bad claims. In weight loss for example, extreme weight loss at rapid speeds is usually the norm.

• Try to always back up your claims with proof.

Know what your audience trust. It could be experts, celebrities, industry player or brands. If for example your audience appreciates the Wall Street journal, make an effort of pitching them a blog. By making connections with other trusted brands, you increase your ratings amongst your audience.


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