Free Apps for Your iPad (or iPhone)

Free Apps for Your iPad (or iPhone)

Hello everyone – I apologize for the long time in between posts. I do worry about balancing the right amount of posting without posting too often. And sometimes I wonder if anyone out there is reading this? (please comment, like or share if you do…)

To make up for my absence, I have a treat for you! Pictures and a video and a way to find free, educational apps (applications) for your iPad or iPhone! I tried this out myself just last week and was pleasantly surprised to see just how much my daughter got out of it.

The picture above is my daughter playing with the app we got for free last week, it’s called Animal Time! for Toddlers. Your child (or you, let’s be honest, you will play with this as well) just touches the animals, plants or sky on the screen and you will hear animal sounds, music and a voice telling you what the object is. There are four scenes to choose from as well. You have the option to turn the voice off or on. My daughter is 18 months old and this held her attention for at least 10 solid minutes. Which if you know anything about toddlers, that’s a pretty long time!

I can see myself using this as a tool to keep her occupied while waiting at the doctor’s office or teaching her the names of the different animals.

I also enjoyed playing with it and had fun trying to discover the “hidden” animations and sounds. (Hint: If you are playing with the desert scene, touch the sun, the desert turns into night with more choices!)

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Check out the video of my daughter playing with the jungle (click the link below):

This app is only 99 cents at the moment and worth every penny! You can find it here:

But how did I find it? And how did I get it for free?

I work in a school district and one of our educators discovered this wonderful blog called . Every Friday they post on their blog free and discounted apps. They don’t just post anything, all of these apps are for children and must be educational.

You can read about their process here:

And of course you can sign up for their newsletter, follow them on facebook, google+, twitter, etc. Don’t know how to do any of those things? Just let me know! I’m happy to help you with any of these things.

I’ll remind people on occasion about these opportunities and I will review the apps we try with my daughter. Got an app you are thinking about buying but aren’t ready to buy it yet?

Tell me what it is, let me test it for you! (It doesn’t have to be for kids.)

As I find more of these great tools (and websites and blogs) I’ll keep you posted. If you know of any, please feel free to share with me.


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