How To Choose The Right Jiu Jitsu Gear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is nothing but a type of mixed martial art form. It has got plenty of recognition all over the world. Suitable gears are required to succeed in any specific form of art. This form of art also requires the same thing to be followed. All the essential mma gearĀ  needs to be present with a person, who is a beginner in this art form. Obtaining the right kind of gear is essential, for their career.

There are a lot of gears that can be purchased for the sport. However having a few of them is essential. The jiu jitsu gi is the most important among all. It is also known as kimono. It consists of a top and pants. While playing the matches, one needs to wear it. Wearing them during the time of practice is however also advised. The element that should be considered the most important is comfort. While playing the matches it is important for one to be comfortable.

This gear is generally found in two forms. Lightweight gear and heavyweight gear are the two types. There is no difference in the material by which they are made. The quantity of the material used, is the only thing that differs. Lesser material is used to make the lightweight gear while more material is required to make the heavyweight gear. The basic advantage associated with a lightweight gear is that it is more comfortable than the heavyweight gear. The heavyweight gear however also offers its share of advantages by not allowing the opponent to get a easy grip of your kimono.

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The next imp thing associated with the gear is the weaves that it has. The first is the single weave. The lightweight gear is usually made up of a single weave. It is the most comfortable among all types. It can however also get ripped off very easily. The double weave is the second type of weave. Kimonos made up of this weave are very durable. This weave is usually used to make the heavyweight gear. The next is the gold weave which is somewhere between the single and double weave. Having said that, a major problem associated with it is that it usually shrinks on being washed. As a result of this the one who opts for the gold weave normally buys a bigger size. Out of all the available weaves, the pearl weave is considered to be the best.

The kimonos come in a lot of sizes. One can thus choose the one that fits them well. There are seven sizes available. These sizes range from A0 to A6. The sizes A5 and A6 are meant for huge people and are not easily available. A2 and A3 are the sizes which people most often purchase. The size A0 is the one which kids that are huge normally go for.

A belt is also one of the essential gears. It basically signifies the status or the rank of the person. A beginner starts with a white belt. The color of the belts change as the level of proficiency of the player increases. A black belt is the highest rank that a player can achieve. It normally takes around ten to twelve years to reach that level.

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