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I had trouble finding information on this when I was looking so I thought I would write about it on my make money online blog for all those that might be going through this. Starting about 2 weeks ago I noticed I couldn’t edit my wordpress templates. Every time I would try to edit the files on wordpress I would get an ‘authenticate’ login screen. I would put in my username and password, but nothing would happen and I couldn’t ever change the files. I thought this was something with my host. I chatted with someone online and they say they’d submit a ticket. Never heard back. I chatted with another person a few days later and he didn’t know what was going on either. Finally, I submitted a support ticket and they told me I had been hacked.

When I read about similar hacks, I found out how clever the hack was. The people that were doing this would leave everything in place except there just seemed to be a gliche. So you couldn’t edit the code but you could still post. To top that off, the way they made money was anytime someone searched for your site and found it, they would be redirected to a parked page with on topic links. As an added detriment to you, if Google sees this happen, they’ll drop you way down or out of the search rankings altogether. I was extremely mad when I realized this. I mean it’s the same thing as someone picking up your wallet and spending your money.

The alarming thing is even some of the wordpress blogs on another of my servers had the same malicious code, but this time I still could edit the files. So I would have never known! I don’t know if they had carried out there master plans yet, but I know at least one of my site’s traffic was being diverted because I tested it out myself. The hack was again smart because I never search for my website through the search engines – even if I’m looking to see where it’s at – because I don’t want to skew my Google Analytics. While I give these criminals credit for cleverness, keep in mind, I know they are still scumbags.

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You may have this malicious code embedded in your wordpress and not know it. This was a complete pain in the ass for me to learn and then go down the row of all my blogs – I ended deleting several unused ones before even starting. Here is what you should do:

1. Login to your control panel.

2. Go to my php admin.

3. Click your wordpress data base – this will look something like name_wrdp39.

4. Click to edit your options.

5. You will get a table full of options results, scroll down the list and look for something that looks like “rss_1a5f760f2e2b48827d4974a60857e7c2″

6. To the right of such text you will see “O:9:”MagpieRSS”:17:{s:6:”parser”;i:0;s:12:” or a small cluster of numbers

7. Delete all lines containing rss_#L#L#L##L#”.

8. I would delete every user except yourself from the blog unless you know who the other users are. You can do this inside your blog or in the myphp admin data base.

9. After you do this update all of your wordpress versions to the latest version – 2.71 currently. Make sure you do this for all of your wordpress websites.

10. For added security change your password.

Now I am no code expert – far from it. I had to learn all this stuff last night with a helpful blog and guessing and checking so this might not all be correct, but I think, I think this is working for me and I would have hoped that someone else would write the same if they came across this.

In case this post isn’t dated, this is blog is of May 18, 2009. Be vary careful because you can very well have what I call the MagPie Hack (some of the code has magpie in it) and not know it. I’d suggest going in and inspecting your code. One of the last pieces of advice is for you to make sure you have cleared every last strand of code from your lines. Sometimes it is lumped together and other times it is fragmented. Last tip for beginners – if you only see 30 lines showing, expand that to 300.

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Good luck and if you need help, you can email me.

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