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It used to be that people were excited, thrilled, nay dumb-founded that there was another geek interested not only in the same game as themselves, but hey, they could actually chat with them with their keyboard! Then came the day we could see a physical image of some sort representing them!

How grand! Ohhh, aahhh, how wonderful! How amazing! We could then fight TOGETHER side-by-side against the evil displayed on our screens representing the evil within our souls, and we would win! We would sqeulch and silence the voice of evil, and once again save the world!


Now instead I see as many people online whos’ only goals appear to be:

1. Say something wittier than the next guy.
2. Kill the person they squandered their 2 seconds of famous wit on and say “Haha you suck”.
3. Get more points/frags/kills than the current guy on top, and stand in the lime-light so that the next time they have to defend themself with words, they won’t have to be witty, and everyone else will defend them instead.

It’s like Penis Compensation has gotten out of hand, infact become the biggest disease of vidiots (hey, I’m a vidiot too, be a vidiot, Hey! dontcha want to be a vidiot too?) of late. For those of you left out in the cold, it means “To make up for a lack of penis.” I akin it to those 20 year old ‘burbanites that drive around in trucks their pops got for them, with super big tires. You’ve seen them, they drive by with a buddy who lacks the truck and any penis security, riding shotgun who yells something SUPER witty like “You’re Gay” as they blow by you on the street at 65 in a 35 mph zone.

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Is this what we’re reduced to? Hey, it’s one thing for those who do dish out ass reemings by the dozen and lay down the law, but those fellows, the best of them that is, don’t talk shit, and they typically work thier best at getting the team organized and keeping them focused. The ones that don’t, talk tons of smack, and bitch and moan about a single player somewhere. Then when someone with two halves of a brain tells them to stfu, they retort with how much they kick ass so noone’s allowed to speak but them.

I have to say it, its a VIDEO GAME idiot! Come on down to the south side of chicago for a day, wear green, lots of it on Sunday, and stand around bragging about how much ass you kick in a video game when someone walks by. I give you about 10 minutes, if you’re lucky, before your head, bone and brain, is made into a ghetto gulash on the side of the wall by a local’s 12 gauge. And I’m not joking, its for REAL.
Yes, Real people in the REAL world, will blow your goddam mouthy head off because you’re wearing green, on a sunday, in the wrong part of town to wear green. I suppose when you die, you’ll have all those “fans” of yours from your great legacy of “ass-kicking” in a video game to remember you, make shrines about you, and pass on your legacy of talking tons of shit, getting the most kills in a game.

Actually, you’ll be lucky to have one fan remeber you, and he probably will just find another shit talker to suck up to and play the “yes I’m you’re bitch” game.

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Getting the most kills doesn’t mean shit to me. Winning means alot more than witty-ass comments, but I’d rather loose than exploit or cheat, and I’d rather loose than have 2 seconds of fame infront of people I’ll never see again. If we win, we win as a TEAM. I want to be TIED with my teammates, so that not a one of them feels unimportant, and they can continue to work at holding up thier end. (let’s face a peice of reality, some of us who play lots of games lack self-confidence in the real world, so these games can help to boost it.) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, I want to have fun and enjoy myself, the game, and my teammates.
When we do win, I want it to be a challenge, a struggle to win, so that at the end our team says “W00t! MAN that was awesome, we won!” “Good Game!” “I can’t beleive we won!, NICE WORK TEAM” Why?
Because these are the VERY GODDAM THINGS that this country was founded upon. The Underdog, banded together out of need. Facing a mightier foe, and not giving up at all costs, and even to the bitter end. For life, for liberty, yes, but for FREEDOM.

Before I get into a patriotic rant…
Part of that freedom, is playing video games folks. Without the internet, we’d not be united to do so, to frag one another happily, and to do so as a team.

Deathmatch is played out for me, I think they need to rename it to “PissingMatch, he who wins has the most penis points”
and who can blame me, once I get the rail gun you’re all just peices of fragged meat anyway. I have a hard time keeping from hitting everyone and blowing them into nice sweepable chunks, I like to help the maids as much as I can you know….

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