The All New Galaxy Note 4

Even though plus-size smartphones have flooded the market, every once in a while, you find a gem that shines through. For those who like to stow all the applications they would need in their Smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 is a feature packed “big-phone” and thanks to the raft of tech product reviews out there, it no longer remains a secret to us. But, would that be enough for us to let this one slide? I don’t think so. Here’s a quick rundown on the product.

515, that’s the number of screen pixels or ppi our experts counted on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which gives it a cool 2560×1440 resolution to go with that 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen. Samsung has been the only company who has been able to successfully push their Smartphone products in the markets, while slowly making their way into the hearts and minds of the masses. With the Note 4, Samsung has managed to marry beauty wit functionality, while not straying too far from the Galaxy Note 3 turf. The design is impressive, which is pretty much expected of all Samsung products. The home button is on the front where you’d usually find it, while the power control and volume rocker is on the right-hand side.

The OS
Under the hood, you get to play with a few goodies, such as, the fingerprint scanner, which originally debuted with the Galaxy S5. Apart from that, users get to play with a heavily customized version of Android’s 4.4 KitKat, so you can feel busy all day long. Other key tweaks in the software department are the S Pen Stylus, which makes selecting and editing a breeze, the heart rate monitor at the back, multi window viewing support, and the all new Smart Select feature, which allows users to select multiple pieces of content in a row and share them with others.

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According to tech product reviews, the Note 4 is powered by the horses of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and an impressive 3 G’s of RAM. The heavy machinery means that applications and websites open with a blink of an eye and run smoothly and stutter free.

The Camera
Having a 16MP camera that has optical image stabilization capabilities, and a 3.7MP front-facing camera, the Note 4 takes its image quality very seriously. Clearly the selling point of the phablet, the pictures taken on the Note 4 are clear, crisp and bright, with additional features to enhance images on the fly.

Ending Note
The most notable change to the Samsung Note lineup this time around has to be the overall look of the phablet, which is not at all plastic-y as its previous iterations. Weighing in at 176g, the Galaxy Note 4 comes with 32GB of storage that can be further extended to 64GB via the microSD card and is all set to make sure that Samsung’s year ends on a high note.

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