The Apple Watch Review

With so many smartwatch brands from which to choose from, the one thing that users of wearable technology are looking for in 2015 is functionality. We all know that a smartwatch is nothing without the proper features and smooth functionality, which also happens to be the two things that Apple is intimately familiar with. So, when it announced that it was going to design a smartwatch of its own, people couldn’t have been happier. After months of lying in wait, the time has finally arrived for the Apple Watch. With so many people not knowing what to expect, here’s the skinny on the new Apple Watch.

The Design

The all-new Apple Watch is going to come in six different design versions, the first is called the Apple Watch, the second is called the Apple Watch Sport and the pricier third is simply called the Apple Watch Edition. Apart from the three designs, the new Apple Watch is also going to come in two device sizes, a small and large version, which will supposedly differentiate the Watch for men and women. Coming back to the design, the Apple Watch has rounded sides and a slightly curved back which fits well on your wrist even though the device is a bit chunky.

And for those who think that the Android Watch and the Watch Sport are heavy, the luxury version of the smartwatch is even chunkier than the other two, which works well for Apple, since it will both look great on your wrist and even feel like you have spent a lot of money on the wearable ($17,000 to be exact).

The Display
No matter what the brand, the only downside of using a smartwatch these days is the tiny displays. Apple seems to have taken this little detail into consideration while designing all three versions of its smartwatch. To make navigating through the digital screens easier, Apple has included a “digital crown” to the side of the watch. Much like on a normal watch, the knob on the right hand side of the watch functions like a home button and allows users to get to easily get to the main screen, while turning it lets users scroll through the various functions of the interface or zoom into apps you want to use.

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The Features
The new Apple Watch is an interesting new product to say the least, in fact, users of the device may never need to leave the comfort of their living room couch again (unless they have to). The following is a lowdown on the apps and features of the new Apple Watch.

Contacts App
The Apple Watch introduces us to a Contacts app which is quite an interesting feature. The app allows the user to send things beyond the normal messaging paradigm to your contact list. Users will get to scroll through a circular dial to track their contacts and it also works by tapping on the faces.

Health & Fitness
The new Apple Watch offers various workout apps and activity tracking features for fitness. As mentioned earlier by Tim Cook, the overall goal of the new Apple Watch is to get users moving and healthy. The fitness apps also allows users to earn badges and awards after they meet their fitness goals. The Apple Watch even goes a step further and learns the user’s routine and habits, and uses that information to encourage the user by sending them prompts throughout the day.

To help in improving the features of the new Apple Watch, supermodel Christy Turlington Burns wore it while taking part in three marathons. The new Apple Watch not only has a heart rate monitor, with a powerful sensor on the underside, but also features a great set of fitness apps which help to keep track of the user’s well being. The “Activity app” helps collect important data regarding a person’s movement during the day and prompts them (rather annoyingly) to stand up and take a walk when they’ve been sitting around for too long.

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Apart from that, users can also set goals and shows the level of progress which are indicated by rings which fill up as one reaches those goals. The “Workout app” provides athletes with more detailed information regarding their workouts. Users who want to use the new Apple Watch purely for fitness purposes will get real time stats on the calories they’ve burned, the time spent on their workout, and the distance which they have travelled during walking, running or cycling. This added information allows users of the new Apple Watch to define goals and set targets more effectively than before.

Apple Pay
While users of the new iPhone 6 can already make payments in thousands of stores that accept contactless payments, that technology has also been brought to the new Apple Watch. On the new NFC-enabled wearable, all users need to do is double click on the button next to the dial and hold the Apple Watch’s face close to the payment terminal. You will hear a beep after which you will feel a gentle pulse indicating that the payment has been made.

Siri is Apple’s famous voice controlled virtual assistant. And from the looks of it, the virtual assistant has gotten even more personal than before. By having the Siri on your wrist, users don’t need to lift a finger when they need to check the weather or sent a reply to their friends. While Siri on the new Apple Watch works just like it does on the iPhone, the device will need to be tethered to an iPhone to perform web powered searches. Whether or not the Apple Watch will have an always-on microphone or users will need to activate it via an app is not clear.

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Other Apps
Unlike other Android Wear and even some smartphone platforms, the new Apple Watch will in fact support full-fledged apps later on. This will enable users to use programs without having to be tied to their iPhone. For the moment, however, all apps on the Apple Watch are extensions of the iPhone app. Apart from native apps users will also be able to download plenty of third-party apps such as Instagram, Uber, Nike+ Running, Shazam, WeChat, Twitter and OpenTable.

At a recent even, Apple also showed users how the new device could be used from doing some complex tasks such as unlocking your door remotely and see whoever’s enters your home through a connected camera. For those who can’t wait, the iOS 8.2 operating system is already available and users can download the Apple Watch app on to their iPhones and check out the various apps that are currently available for the new Apple Watch.

Battery Life
Apple has confirmed that the Apple Watch will have to be charged every day, which is really bush league when considering that the device has no GPS.

Choice of multiple sizes.

Interactive interface.

Interesting new app features.

Slightly expensive.

A bit chunky.


Our Verdict


The new Apple Watch looks great, with the only caveat being that users of the watch need to flick it upwards whenever for it to turn on. The release date for the Apple Watch according to the website has Prices of the three editions will range from $350 for the entry-level Sport model and will go all the way up to $17,000 for the top-tier 18-karat gold edition.

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