The Carte Grise is a mandatory document to drive in France

A vehicle is a necessity in France especially if you’re going to reside there or spend more than six months in this lovely country where there’s so much to see. As much as you would like to drive around to view the scenery or for purposes of work, for shopping or to drive children to school, there are many rules and regulations that have been set up for motorists that you must know if you don’t want to be penalized for breaking road rules.

Before moving to France its better that you to decide whether you want to take the car you already have across or sell it in your own country and use the money to buy a brand new or used car in France. The French are very patriotic when it comes to vehicles, especially since they have some very popular brands manufactured in the country which almost all French citizens prefer to buy rather than go for foreign makes. However, whether you buy a new car or hope to use your old vehicle, you will need the French registration card which is called the Carte grise before you’re allowed to take your vehicle on the road.

Most new comers to the country are of the opinion that its much easier buying a vehicle in France not only because brands such as the Renault, Citroen and Peugeot have the required spare parts in the country itself and also due to garage hands being familiar with these makes making it easy to get their repairs carried out in case of some disorder. Buying a car from France also means your dealer will be able to handle the paper work such as getting your Carte grise which involves a lot of administration work most foreigners will find confusing.

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The Carte grise is a mandatory requirement from the Department of Environment and Safety Standards for which you must get your vehicle checked in a testing station found around the country for which you will be given a certificate testifying that the vehicle meets the technical standards required by the French authorities. Among the many other reports and documents you will require to obtain your Carte Grise, the most important will be your passport, vehicle registration from the country of origin and a certificate from the manufacturer confirming that the vehicle in question is fit to be driven on French roads.

Getting this document is easier said than done because of the various bits of protocol involved and you’re advised to apply for your Carte grise online which is swift and safe. Once you have all the required documents ready you can access the official website which is “Cartegrise Minute” and submit the application and the attached documents which will be acknowledged and approved within twenty four hours if everything is in order. When you apply online, you will have your Carte grise within two days so that you can get your French license plates organized in order to get ready drive anywhere in the country.

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