The Future of Online Games

With evolution of technology, everything related to it started evolving rapidly. But there was a big evolution in gaming industry. We experienced era of games like Mario, snake (that one on Nokia mobiles), Pacman, etc. These games were so light but in starting phase of gaming industry. But with the time and development of technology and gadgets, we are now playing superb games like GTA V, Mortal combat 3, Max Payne 3, etc. These are games with high quality graphic, awesome gameplay and many other things combines with each other.

Also, with the emergence of Gaming Consoles like PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo, etc., online gaming started booming rapidly. With release of these gadgets and its online games which can be played with your friends, we can play it like boss. We love to do many thing with our friends, like Movies, Partying, etc. That’s why online gaming got huge response because we can connect to internet and play these games with our friends. With evolving technology, innovations in gaming, increasing use of internet, development of gaming gears will make future of online gaming. Let’s take a look at the how is the future of online gaming industry.

Virtual Reality

:- Virtual Reality makes anything onscreen look like reality. It is a technology which makes you feel like images or videos showing on screen are real. It is more advanced version of 3D experience. Virtual reality technology is taking baby steps and still developing. But in upcoming years, it will emerge with new innovations, come at affordable price range. This evolution will make multiplayer online gaming experience more awesome.

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Increase in Browser gaming:-
Browser games are very light and simple. These types of games can be played on internet browsing software. These games are very interesting yet simple to play. This type of online games can be played on a computer or mobile with stable internet connection. Casino games like Slots Heaven Australia are very popular in browser gaming category. Browser games loads very fast on slow internet connections. These type of are buffered directly from website. Mostly, these games are Flash games which are smooth and doesn’t eat CPU resources.

Cloud Gaming:-
Cloud computing is used to store and access our valuable data like documents, music, videos, etc. Cloud computing is in its first phases. Soon, cloud technology will be introduced in online gaming. With gaming cloud technology, you can play games which are stored on cloud servers. Cloud games will not consume huge space on your computer as they are stored away from you on Cloud servers. Cloud gaming is very easy to understand. The game which you want to play is store on cloud servers. When you want to play it, you receive Video and Audio output of game on your screen. And you send Input signals to control your gaming character via stable internet connection. With high speed internet connection, you can smoothly play these games online. This technology is in its initial stage as there is no stable internet in every corner of world.

Light but High Quality Games:-
Many multiplayer online games are high quality but consume more space on your PC or console. With evolving technology of data compression and its implementation in gaming industry, new games with High quality graphics will be released which will not consume more disk space of your PC or console. Also, these games will not eat up more CPU resources making gameplay experience more smooth and interesting.

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Technology will evolve very rapidly. With evolving technology, innovations and inventions of other technologies, online gaming industry will evolve time to time. Implementing these technologies will make online gaming a awesome experience. It will be more convenient, smooth experience for gamers. To see these features implemented in online games, we have to wait for some more years.

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